Mantra for becoming Kaabil


(Mala Balamurugan is a Shishuvan parent delighted about what her children are experiencing in school. Her daughter Anagha is a student of Std. VI and her son Shlok is in Jrkg.

Mala’s thought on parenting “Being a mother of two wonderful children who allow me to continue believing that good parenting is also about great children….I know I don’t do everything perfect as a mother…but they motivate me to do better. They help me in my never ending desire to learn, contribute and grow.”)

The Future depends on what you do today! Its such a powerful quote. Gets me thinking…like most parents, I too think…what is the future of my children going to be like? Are they moving in the right direction? Is there something that I need to do better, do more? Is there something they are missing out on? There is so much scope, exposure and opportunities out there. But what is that skill set my children should be equipped with to face the future in a confident and enjoyable way…yes…enjoyable is very important!!

 Most of the times we teach them to get the highest marks but forget about the usefulness of knowledge; we teach them to be part of a dance group but forget to teach them to develop their unique style; we teach them to be jack of all trades but forget to tell them to master at least one; and we tell them to work on what they find hard to do and not nurturing what their unique gift is !!

Though India has a rich culture, and great values; today we see that parents teach their children to be politically correct and give more importance to others’ opinion about them, than their own self worth!! And because we are teaching them to seek external affirmation, this continues throughout their lives and they hand over the keys of their happiness and lives in the hands of others. We can see the effects of this stress and pressure among people from all ages and walks of life today.

It’s time we nurture the right values along with equipping our children with skills that are the need of the hour.

I had read this article somewhere and it has been on my mind ever since then. It said the top 10 skills that our children should be equipped with are as follows:      (The more I think about it, the more sense it makes !!)

1.    EQ and knowledge of basic human psychology:

EQ stands for “Emotional Quotient” . The corner-stones of EQ are –

  1. Self-awareness – the ability to recognize an emotion as it “happens” and developing self-awareness ie: tuning in to your true feelings. If you can evaluate your emotions, you can manage them.

  2. Self-regulation – learning how to regulate emotions, have self-control, adapt to different situations and manage them innovatively.

  3. Motivation – to motivate oneself for any achievement requires clear goals and a positive attitude. An achievement drive, a sense of commitment and taking initiatives in any situation as well as being optimistic is very essential.

  4. Empathy –  The ability to recognize how people feel is important to success in your life and career. The more skillful you are at discerning the feelings behind others’ signals the better you can control the signals you send them. An empathetic person excels at: anticipating, leading ad coaching others, handling diversity and understanding others.

  5. Social skills. The development of good interpersonal skills is tantamount to success in your life and career. In today’s always-connected world, everyone has immediate access to technical knowledge. Thus, “people skills” are even more important now, because you must possess a high EQ to better understand, empathize and negotiate with others in a global economy.

There has been enough and more research papers that prove; a high IQ doesn’t guarantee success and happiness, if not coupled with a good EQ! Eg: If I am super intelligent, but cannot get along with people, how far will I go? Or, I am a boss but, people under me are miserable, does it make me a leader?

Basically children should be equipped with the skills to understand the working of the human brain.

2. Prudent thinking:

Our children learn various subjects in school and are taught to think in specific ways, but it’s even more important to think on your feet and that too prudently to sail through various situations in life.

3. Never fear fear:

Yes, face fear and overcome it, but do not fear fear!! As easy as it sounds we adults make it most difficult for children to overcome this. Children need to know its ok to fail. You win some – you lose some. If children become fearless the way they were as toddlers or newborns…they will be able to handle any situation or stress in life.

4.    Handle money matters:

Accountancy, Finance and Management courses can teach you how to secure a good job at a finance company, but it still does not teach you to handle personal finances and invest wisely. Entrepreneurship is another skill that is highly required for future leaders; as the training, acumen and skills that one gets while training to be an entrepreneur, cannot be received anywhere else.

5.    Being a Handyman:

Like army training teaches its cadets everything a man needs to know to survive and live comfortably, each person should learn skills to become like handyman – plumbing, painting, carpentry, electrical work etc.. You can, not only save monetarily but also add value to your house and life. You do not have to depend on anyone to get simple things fixed.

6. Being a home chef:

Cooking is no longer a job of only women and housewives, it is a skill that enables you to eat healthy, cook healthy and be healthy. You can handle your own appetite and plan a meal that suits your palette, plus keep your family happy as well.

7.    Communication skills:

You may have a 1000 great ideas in your head, but if you are not able to put them across to someone in an effective and impressive way, those 1000 ideas are worth nothing. Communication skills are a key that set you apart in any scenario – a job interview, or being a leader.

8.    First aid:

A basic knowledge of First aid and to give relief in case of any medical emergencies is another skill that can make a big difference between life or death for near and dear ones.

9.    Self- defence:

This helps one to protect oneself or a loved one in the time of need. Being prepared is better than repenting.

10. Sales & Marketing:

Whether you want a raise, or convince friends to go for an outing or get a job…skills from the marketing world come in handy. Whether we realise it or not we are selling or marketing something throughout our lives.

Many of these skills are not taught in our education system because it’s assumed that the children will learn them along the way or from parents. Infact, once our kids are out on their own..these very skills help them thrive. So, along with the best degrees from the best universities…if the children walk in there with these skills beforehand…it will ensure success.

 A famous quote from a lovely movie - Beta kabil bano kabil, Kamyabi tumhare piche jhak maarke ayegi.. – Be capable and skillful …success follows and so does happiness!

Another reason why Shishuvan attracts me most as a parent is because I can see kids learn many of these life skills – consciously and sub- consciously ….and no matter what, Shishuvan kids kaabil zaroor bante Hain!!

Librarians Day – Cum – Seminar on ‘Excellence in School Librarianship through Best Practices





Role of Teachers, Parents, Students, Librarians and

Rajashekhar Devarai
Chief Librarian (Shishuvan School)

Celebration of Librarians is one of the Annual Events at Shishuvan. This is the  second successive year of celebration of this event. Shishuvan School Matunga,  Mumbai,  celebrated Librarians Day  on 12th August 2017  in honor of 125th birth anniversary of Dr. S.R. Ranganathan (widely known as Father of Library Science in India). The celebrations  were marked with a Seminar on “Excellence in School Librarianship through Best Practices – role of Teachers, Students, Parents, Librarians and others”.

This time the objective of the Seminar was on  Excellence in School Library Practices Vis a vis Best Practices. Democratic and Open School Philosophy of Shishuvan is maintained in Library Seminar by involving and addressing Parents, Teachers, Students, Librarians and others. Presentations were made, lectures were delivered by Teachers, Parents, Students and Librarians and others. The participants comprised of  students ,teachers, parents, librarians. Seminar stood out to  be unique as it involved major  stakeholders of school library service. The result was an useful gain and share  knowledge from each of the presenters and participants.  Organizers reasserted and re-assured  their approach to involve all stake holders in the forth coming events/activities. It was appreciated by one  and all and specially by the guest speakers and presenters.  Shishuvans commitment to School Library Service was amply visible in the deliberations of its teachers, students, parents and Library Staff.

Soon after the Lighting of the Lamp Ceremony, Mrs Shubadra Shenoy Principal of the School gave her welcome address. She emphasized on the role of Libraries  in Schools. She emphasized that libraries and their services are integral to Shishuvan and its academics from KG to Class X. She advised participants to be proactive and support actively in the Teaching Learning process.

Mr.Rajashekhar Devarai, Chief Librarian, in his introductory remarks emphasized on the importance of celebrating Librarians Day,  briefed the audience on the relevance of the Librarians Day in a School and dealt in  brief about the theme of the Seminar centering around the concepts like : School Libraries, Librarians, Excellence and Best Practices.

Mrs. Heeru Bhojwani (Information Curator and Coach – American School of Bombay), Mrs.Suhas Dave (Head Librarian – Gundecha Education Academy), Mrs Sangeeta Bhansali (Director – Kahani Tree), Mrs.Prashanti Ghadigaonkar / Geetmala S (Faculty Members – Muktangan) were the Core presenters. Mrs. Jamila Merchant, Mrs.Shraddha Tiwarekar, Mrs.Prajakta Bhandare, Shraddha Goyal and Mrs.Archana Balaji , Class VIII students Disha and Mihir presented / deliberated on behalf of Shishuvan. Kabir Class Student activated / energized the group with a timely break.

Highlight of the event was the Question Answer / Discussion Session moderated effectively by Preeti Santosh Malavade, Librarian of Vibgyor High Borivali. Questions were invited for all the presenters one by one. Various issues and concenrns were addressed. During the session Mrs Shamim Padamsee shared her ideas on Indian authors, Indian Books and Reading Events. She also briefed on the ongoing Leading Reading Schools of India Awards. Mrs.Namita Talreja Vice Principal gave presidential remarks. Mrs.Jamila Merchant thanked every one responsible for the success of the Event / Seminar.

Functional and state of art Libraries  are back bones of successful schooling according to IFLA/UNISCO School Library Manifesto (1995), “ School library globally are envisioned as a force for the  enchantment and improvement of Teaching and Learning through out the School Community for Educators as well as Students .”

The theme of the Seminar was well appreciated by every one. The major take away of the Seminar :

  1. Libraries can and should play important role in the Teaching / Learning Process.
  2. Librarians need to adopt professional approach and be professional in works and activities.
  3. Teachers, Students, Parents and others can contribute and impact effectively and appropriately to achieve excellence in school library service.
  1. It was truly a day filled with learning and ideas. – Nirupama Kaushik
  2. The Seminar which was organised was wonderful and it was helpful to gather innovative ideas.  There was a  good interactive session. Good knowledge to gain. – Amol Sonawane
  3. In Seminar I enjoyed and learned many new things such as “students can also be Librarians” and came to know about new activities that can be created and will help me during my classes. – Anon.
  4. The workshop / seminar was encouraging and I came across many new activiries that will help me in developing reading habits in children of my school – Anon.
  5. The Presentations were wonderful. I liked them.  – Hiya, Class V Student, Mahapragya Public School.
  6. Excellent Seminar.  I like all activities and discussions held during the Seminar.  I would like to attend such seminars again and again. Thank You. – Ms.Kamini Katkar, Librarian, PIS – CBSE, Powai
  7. Got very good information on Library functions. I could hear to Librarians with experience. Seminar was arranged in a very good way by Shishuvan. Thanks for celebrating our day i.e Librarians Day.  – Hemangini G Shah, Librarian, Sion.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Maria Jodiawalla

School Counsellor and Psychologist

Shishuvan School

The student of STD V and VI celebrated the spirit of Christmas in their school council conducted on 17.12.2016 which was planned by the student representatives. The representatives wore Santa clause hats to rejoice this feeling with everyone. The council began with the students discussing the true meaning of Christmas and taking it beyond buying gifts and presents. The citizens also shared how they celebrate Christmas which includes sharing their toys, clothes and needy. The students also mentioned that Christmas is about sharing kindness and happiness with everyone. The council was concluded on this note with each and every one rejoicing this spirit and greeting one another a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Christmas Council6 Christmas Council5 Christmas Council4 Christmas Council3 Christmas Council2 Christmas Council1

Moody Margaret’s School

siya gandhi2


moody maragret

AUTHOR:  Francesca Simon

TYPE OF BOOK:  Fiction

PUBLISHER:  Orion Children’s Books


The book is all about how did Henry spend his precious Saturday playing ‘schools’ with Margaret.

This book was very funny in some parts,. The book is very small and handy with many illustrations.  I was able to complete the book quickly. My favourite part of the book (event) is when Margaret takes the attendance. Horrid Henry tells the first time – In the washroom, second time- flushed away and third time – Dead.

I loved the attendance and the ideas Henry got to go back to his house and not to stay at Margaret’s house.

The book is good as it is,  but if i have to give a suggestion i would add Dave’s birthday party.

Henry’s mom wants peace in the house so she sends Henry and Peter (Henry’s brother) to Margaret’s house. There he had to play  though he did not want  to play that game. Then he finds out different ways to go back home and one of his ways goes successful. He gets to go home and gets enough time to watch his favourite television shows- Marvin the Maniac and Terminator before Dave’s party.

maddy margaret


Heart to Heart with Mallory – A Book Review


By: Mishti Manglani                       Class: VI – Dhyaan.

heart to heart mishti manglani

Author: Laurie Friedman

Type of Book: Fiction

Publisher: Lerner





The book is all about Mallory’s life, the incidents and what she thinks, just like a diary! I liked reading the book because it was a diary and very interesting read.

I like the character ‘Joey’ as he was very cool and didn’t take offence at anything. He also shared his feelings with Mallory. I like the poems which Mallory made for Frank and Colleen in the book. I liked the book as it is .. but given a chance I will make it little more interesting and humorous. Mallory’s diary really inspires me as it has the problems which many of us face.

The way the author has written the book- looks like it’s a famous personality’s diary. Some problems were true and one problem that was faced is with their step-whosoever.

This book is recommended by me to them. Not only for adjusting with their step-whosoever people but also for people losing their friends. I found the advice very wise. This diary reminds me of my diary, I compared it too and found whosoever is upset can just make a diary and smile will find a way! I got so much moved by the story and here is how I depicted the same in my drawing.



Septimouse Supermouse-Book Review

Anaagha B

 By: Anaghaa Balamurugan                  Class: V – Karma

septi mouse anagha2Author: Ann Jungman

Type of Book: Fiction

Publisher: Happy Cat Paperbacks






The book is about a mouse with magical powers who uses his unique gifts to fix problems & find solutions to benefit all. Also that, we can find friendship in the most unexpected ways.

In the book many parts were humorous like when Septimouse kept repeating, “I am Septimouse the seventh son of the seventh son”, which meant Septimouse was the seventh son of his father and his father was the seventh son of his father. It was funny to keep reading this again and again.

My favorite character was Katie the little girl who helps Septimouse in learning all about cheese and how to make it too.She had blonde hair and her eyes were small and round. She had a curved nose and a small cute smile. She was very helpful and kind.

I liked the book because, it was humorous, easy to understand, interesting and was explained in detail and I could imagine myself as one of the characters.I would like to change those parts where Septimouse is boasting about himself, because I feel being humble and doing good things is more important than talking about it. I would quietly go about doing things.

The book is about a unique mice family with 7 little mice and their parents. Among them was Septimouse, the 7th son of his parents. Septimouse had magic powers like, he could shrink others, turn others into stone and understood language of cats, dogs, humans etc..The story very nicely shows how Septimouse along with his friends does something that no other mouse had thought of doing before – he was actually Septimouse the Supermouse!

septi mouse anagha review





Goal Affir001


Let’s talk about Co-curricular activities in school. Annual days, field trips, fairs, fun?

But the most exclusive and interactive is the project day.

Well, I, Jash Rambhia, studying in VIII Dhyaan would like to share with you about the fun filled subject of PD (personal development) in the project day. As a part of the PD curriculum of Std. VIII, the counselors and the respective student team taught us a topic which plays an important part in our lives i.e. GOAL SETTING and AFFIRMATIONS. The topic seemed new and interesting for the students.  I personally loved both the topics and volunteered to be a part of the PD stall reflecting these concepts for the Project Day. The students were given sufficient time for the project day preparations and it was this time when we did quality research to make our information as impressive as we could under the guidance of our teachers. We made charts that were relevant to our topic and would facilitate understanding of the same. We also made takeaways in the form of bookmarks to be given to the visitors on the Project Day. We worked very hard to make our stall a success. In the whole process we came to know each other’s talents, likes, dislikes etc. On the day of the event we presented and explained what we had prepared wonderfully and confidently. Visitors seemed extremely interested in the topic. This could be due to the relevance of the topic in their personal life as well as their children.

In the first stall we spoke about Goal setting and the importance of it in our life. A short acronym was given to the visitors regarding the same. After this they reflected on their goals, ways to achieve it, time taken as well as the hurdles they would face while achieving these goals. This was loved by the visitors and some of them even promised themselves to put it upon the refrigerator by which they would remember their goals and work towards it.

In the last counter I spoke about affirmations. I explained to them what affirmations and its importance in achieving our goals.  They were then presented with a bookmark in which they were asked to write down self-generated affirmations. They were also given a take way which spoke about different ways to help their child set and achieve their goals. It was observed that the visitors enjoyed the process and gave positive feedback regarding the information provided.

Here are glimpses of the stall…

Goal Affir01 Goal Affir12 Goal Affir11 Goal Affir10 Goal Affir9 Goal Affir8 Goal Affir7 Goal Affir6 Goal Affir5 Goal Affir4 Goal Affir3 Goal Affir2 Goal Affir1


STD V & VI Project Day Review-Personal Development

By Leraj Gadkar & Maria Jodiawalla-Clinical Psychologist & School Counsellor, Shishuvan School

The students of V & VI presented Bullying and Peer Pressure as a part of their Personal Development (PD class). It all began with the topic being introduced by the counsellors in their respective classes.

STD V student’s learned about bullying through group discussions and worked on questions like what is bullying, different types of bullying, how does the bully, why does an individual bully and ways to deal with bullying. The students created creative displays, which were reflective of their understanding on the topic. These were then put up on the Project Day to help increase awareness amongst the students and visitors about the same.

STD VI students learned about Peer Pressure by gauging a basic understanding about friendship, the importance of having friends and how friends can at times be a negative influence on an individual. This was then taken ahead and the topic of Peer Pressure was introduced to the students. The students learned about the different types of Peer Pressure and also identified how these pressures are a part of their daily interactions with their friends. The students also reflected on how they feel about Peer Pressure and generated ways to deal with it.

In this process the fact that “if each individual makes a conscious effort not to bully or pressurise their friends one can bring an end to this vicious circle” was reinforced. Students identified how each one of them is the creator as well as the victim in this cycle.

This was the idea presented by the students on the Project Day to their peers as well the visitors.  The students created beautiful displays reflective of these ideas and also generated an Anti-Bullying Pledge that would be taken by the visitors on the day of the event. Their aim was to take the visitors through the entire journey just like they had done in class. On the day of the event the students would explain to the visitors what bullying and peer pressure was. The visitors would then reflect on any life incident where they remembered being bullied or pressurised by their peers. They were asked to think ways in which they dealt with it, and if the sought any support from their parents about the same. To generalise this learning, parents in particular were asked to list down ways in which they can help their children when they are confronted with similar situations. The visitors would take the ‘Anti-Bullying Pledge’ just like the students had, and promise to bring an end to this cycle. Last but not the least they were presented with a badge that was reflective of the fact that they had taken the ‘Anti-Bullying Pledge’.

Students experiences as stated by them:

“My experience of the PD stall during Project Day was very nice. I learnt about Peer Pressure and Bullying in detail. We have been taught about Peer Pressure by Maria and bullying by Leraj. In the practise sessions we enjoyed a lot. First we finished all our work and then we were given some time to ourselves by our teachers. Everything was equally divided amongst us and everyone cooperated well. We even helped the STD VIII students to do their work. We were happy that many parents came to our stall, finished the whole process and even took the anti-bullying pledge.”

Naman Sheth,VI Shraddha


“The Project Day was very exciting. Whatever we learnt in class, the process helped us gain a better understanding about the same. Parents understood everything properly and answered the questions well. I liked that the parents did not bored and I was one of the members who made the anti-bullying pledge. Everything went well, we were well prepared and there was no problem in the process as well as execution.”

Drashti Dedhia,STD VI Shraddha


“In the Project Day we prepared well and therefore we could explain without seeing the original paper. The parents were happy listening to us and they understood what we said. Some of the parents were interested; however few did not pay attention while we were talking. I enjoyed making the flyers for parents to come to our stall.”

Anaghaa Balamurugan,STD V Karma


“My experience all over of the Project Day was good. We had a lot of funs making our displays and charts. On the Project Day everyone executed their parts very well and I think they were well prepared. I enjoyed being on the stall and interacting with the visitors. We did a lot of team work, we also got to learn different things like peer pressure”.

Purva Khare,STD V Karma 

Maria Lehraj PD V VI12 Maria Lehraj PD V VI11 Maria Lehraj PD V VI10 Maria Lehraj PD V VI9 Maria Lehraj PD V VI8 Maria Lehraj PD V VI7 Maria Lehraj PD V VI6 Maria Lehraj PD V VI5 Maria Lehraj PD V VI4 Maria Lehraj PD V VI3 Maria Lehraj PD V VI2 Maria Lehraj PD V VI1

Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE)

– P.D. Std. 7 Project Day

- Lamia Bagasrawala, Clinical Psychologist, Shishuvan School

Students of Std. 7 presented their ideas, learnings and views on Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) as part of the P.D. stall on the Project Day. Students created informative displays including charts and visual representations of different concepts. They explained the concept of CSE and its components. The theme for the Project Day was ‘Systems’ and students effectively explained the different kinds of systems – biological, socio-cultural, emotional, cognitive and behavioral – and the transactions between them that influence the process of studying and understanding sexuality. Students then presented visitors with a quiz on basic concepts of sexuality with a focus on ideas related to Puberty. Visitors enthusiastically responded to the quiz and on successful completion received a Certificate of Graduation in CSE Level 1. They then proceeded to the next section where students had created beautiful displays and informative charts to begin a conversation around sexual harassment. Students introduced the visitors to the concept and also provided them with a list of possible ways of reporting it and addressing it. The students attempted to create awareness about one of the existing social concerns. Visitors also mentioned their views on CSE and Sexual Harassment on charts that were presented in the stalls and provided their valuable feedback! Students received brilliant feedback on their knowledge, ability to present and the topics addressed. Here’s a look at the team involved and a few snapshots into the two days of learning, change-making and fun! J


Shishuvan wants to know…

- The P.D. Debate on Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE)

Students of Std. 7 have been engaging in a module on Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) over the last few months as part of their Personality Development (PD) classes. The initial few sessions of the class were marked by student apprehensions and discussions around the purpose of such learning. Students reviewed articles and blogs as well as penned down individual reflections in their personal P.D. journals. The discussions were facilitated by me and with the help of individual feedback, classroom activities and videos we engaged with our thoughts and ideas in a safe, healthy space. While this process prepared them for the module and for further classes on CSE, students decided to bring forth these apprehensions and conflicting views in society to parents and others through a Debate on the Project Day. Students took up various character roles (lawyer, social activist and politician) and presented views about CSE in schools from their respective character’s perspective. The debate was a huge hit with a demand for extra shows on both days. Students presented complex views covering varied aspects – legal, social, political, psychological and biological – of development and presented a strong case for CSE in schools. Parents, visitors and students in the audience were attentive throughout the debate and asked interesting questions to the speakers. Here’s presenting snapshots and the exclusive recording of the debate on the Facebook page !

Debate41 Debate40 Debate39 Debate38 Debate37 Debate36 Debate35 Debate34 Debate33 Debate32 Debate31 Debate30 Debate29 Debate28 Debate27 Debate26 Debate25 Debate24 Debate23 Debate22 Debate21 Debate20 Debate19 Debate18 Debate17 Debate16 Debate15 Debate14 Debate13 Debate12 Debate11 Debate10 Debate9 Debate8 Debate7 Debate6 Debate5 Debate4 Debate3 Debate2 Debate1