What I have learnt from Shishuvan

(Aarthi Chandrashekhar, Shishuvan Counsellor is moving on to NGO CEHAT where she will be leading the project on responding to sexual violence.
She’s written a letter to Shishuvan about how her time at the school has helped her grow personally and professionally. )
Here are some of the things I have learnt at Shishuvan that have helped me grow.
There are many things I have learnt over the two years. I was at a workshop by CEHAT this weekend and there was an exercise to develop a plan aimed at policy makers. I was able to lead the team and draw up this plan together because of the practice of writing lesson plans here. Writing objectives provided clarity.
I have enjoyed facilitating leadership training with the representatives. It has encouraged me to read a lot about leadership and experience problem solving and critical thinking with the students during brainstorming sessions.
Developing PD lesson plans and modules has encouraged me to keep reading and get my creative juices flowing. Sometimes I was surprised at the outcome. It involved a lot of reflection as well.
I have had the opportunity to conduct sessions with different groups be it students, parents or bus staff, each with different needs and learning styles. It has taught me to face different situations and sharpen my facilitation skills to a large extent and boosted my self-confidence.
Working with children itself has enriched my learning process. They have been my best feedback givers, telling me to my face whether they thoroughly enjoyed the session or found it boring. That feedback has motivated me to stretch myself and give back more.
There will be many moments when I will be doing something and realise that this is something I learnt at Shishuvan as happened over the weekend. I appreciate the pro-active role played by the counsellor here, which goes beyond individual sessions and involves creativity and reflection.
Warm regards,

 All the best Aarthi! We hope you stay in touch with Shishuvan and come back to visit soon!