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Our students of Std. IX completed a detailed module on Cyber Safety over three months of Personality Development (PD) classes. This module was kick-started by an introductory workshop by a Guest Speaker, Ms. Bharti Dekate. The classes comprised of real life case studies, research findings, videos, educational clips and thought-provoking discussions. Some of the topics included in the module were- Digital Footprint, Cyber Bullying, Online Identity, Plagiarism and Online Credit, Online and Offline Ethics, Effective Online Searching and Gender Codes and stereotypes. The module was concluded through a reflective activity wherein students wrote a letter to their “online self”. Students were given the liberty of choosing their writing style, language and content. Here are a few outstanding pieces selected from a collection of brilliant submissions!

-          Lamia Bagasrawala, School Psychologist, Shishuvan School

Advik Agrawal, IX- KarmaAdvik Agarwal Onlineself

Dear Myself,

We live in a world where every place is connected and dependent on each other. The major contributor to this phenomenon is the “Internet”; more specifically the “social media”. Bit in this advancing and growing environemnt, there is one question that you must ask yourself, – “Am I safe enough?”.

One must be vigilant and aware while surfing the Internet. There are many misleading websites, agencies, advertisements, but most importantly – “misleading persons”. The Internet allows persons to have “virtual identitites”. A mere twelve year old boy could be thirty on the Internet and vice versa!This allows persons to mislead and misguide you. There arises the question of “cyber-safety”.

You mist stay away frm harmful websites and only open age-appropriate sites. You should also keep in mind that whatever you post on social media or even your online activity can be recorded and judged or used against you. You should also be aware of viruses and malware.

Lastly comes cyberbullying. Never should you be quiet about such things. Immediately voice out if you feel you are in any way involved in any cyberbullying case. The later it is addressed, the more consequences it will have.

I hope you know what to do now.



Bhakti Vaid, IX-Dhyaan

Bhakti Vaid Onlineself

Dear Online me,

I have seen all your posts on Instagram, snaps on Snapchat and answers on Ask,fm. They are wonderful! All your posts are quite decent and appropriate. You look very beautiful *_* and you’ve got a very good friend circle. But unfortunately there are some answers on that don’t give a very good Digital Footprint about you. You fight a lot on and if you really get a lot of hate and offensive questions, block them!

I have also seen that there is this particular guy who is asking cheap questions and you are still replying. This is really not safe. You shouldn’t answer to people you don’t know and should report it if it gets very offensive. You have even lied a little which is not right. You shouldn’t be fake, be real. Even on Instagram there are many girls whose 90% beauty could be removed with a tissue paper because that much is the amount of editing, filters and make-p. When people comment on your photo on Instagram, first know who the person is and then accordingly reply. Again, DON’T BE FAKE!

You aren’t on Facebook and WhatsApp, that’s great, but other than, Instagram and Snapchat, try different things on the Internet as well. I know you watch YouTube videos on Dance and that’s very creative. But Google can do so much more! J You can doodle, time yourself, play games and find any kind of information you want.

When you are socializing on the Internet, make sure you know what you’re watching and doing because that gets recorded in your Digital Footprint. And it’s great to see how well you’re maintaining your relations with everyone online and not indulging in any kind of cyber bullying.

Goodbye, enjoy posting!


Offline Me.

Anoushka Furia, IX- Shraddha

Anoushka Furia Onlineself

Dear Anoushka,

I know you are a very active person online. You’re almost part of every social media site except a few (because those exceptions are just boring). It is very important to know what you do online, how you do it, how aware are you about where all your personal information goes. Social media is a brilliant platform to put forth your opinions, share ideas, pictures, make friends, etc. But with all of that you need to know whether you are safe. There are a million people who are as innocent as you are, as polite and smarty too, but in contrast, there are a bazillion people who are creeps and chape people who do cheap stuff.

I would love if you know how to protect yourself obnline. Do you know that there is something like Digital Footprint that can track you and everything that you put on the internet? It is very important to know the kind of language oyu use, pictures and other stuff; which ones to share and which ones should remain personal. Also you need to know which sites to trust with all your personal information. What you’ve put up till now, on social media sites is pretty clean and good. Keep up with that! NEVER, and I mean never ever have a conversation with random strangers. BLOCK or REPORT their accounts.

In my personal opinion, if you’re ever taking revenge or handling a fight, never do it online, because obviously anguage is going to be badly used and you wouldn’t want people accepting your college applications to read that and not accept you anymore. I’m not even exagerration, nor am I kidding; it happens. And if you’re ok taking the risk, then good luck to your future self (Trust me!).

I’ve heard of cases which have led to kidnapping, raping, molestation, suicide cases, etc. People fake their age and try and get into online relationships with girls way beyond their league and age. Please be careful as I’m very worried.  I do not want your future to get ruined because of some ridiculous social media case. Take care of what you do, always.

Yours faithfully,


Shiv Udipi, IX- Dhyaan

Shiv Udipi onlineself

My Dear Online Self,

I am writing this letter to make you aware that a lot of things that you do online are risky for my real personality. Your behaviour can be tracked and all your secrets, chats, pictures can be viewed by all the people from around the world.

I would love to tell you that the pictures you post of me, make me look extraordinary. The distance between myself and my friends, family, etc. has become just a click because of you. But sometimes you act as if you can hypnotise, make me addicted to an online game or chat for hours which is affecting my real life. You erase the true essence of friendship – we can talk whatever on, comment however on FB and brag about people on WhatsApp. You become a body that sits into my head and makes me think totally different from my nature. The words I speak when you are controlling my mind are all collected in some place where people preside over the internet. You can get me into trouble because of online tracking. How many ever times you delete history, chats, etc. it will never be erased.

I would warn you to stay away from most social networking sites and instead explore the internet, expand your knowledge and my knowledge will go hand-in-hand. There’s a whole word to know about. You can make me explore my talents, you can make me an aware citizen and you can help me know the craziest and excellent facts. Please stay away from addictive sites, social networking sites that royally help in wasting time. Instead, guide me towards success and exploration online.

My loving online self, so not harm anyone else’s life online and never use your power in the wrong way. Always be honest and spend limited time for you give me the power of eternal knowledge in just 0.35 seconds! Thank you for beholding my side since 2008…


Manan Savla, IX- Shraddha

Manan Savla Onlineself

My Dear Online-Self,


Your real self will be influenced by your online self, so BE AWARE of what you do and what others do. This will influence your future life. Online world is different from the real world. Be aware, protective and careful!


Yours faithfully,