We bonded, expressed and shared…

- Lamia Bagasrawala, School Psychologist, Shishuvan School


As part of the Personality Development (PD) Classes in the academic year 2015-16, students of Std. V- Neeti explored different concepts that were aimed at addressing their immediate and long-term needs. This being their first year in Shishuvan and the Boarding facility, the initial P.D. classes focused on addressing the students’ experiences of change and exploring emotions and attitudes towards the new systems and structures. This was achieved through a series of classes, use of audio-visual aids, a detailed reflection on the movie ‘Who moved my Cheese?’ and a number of group, pair and individual activities. Thereafter a series of sessions focused on exploring the concept of safety and the different kinds of touch. These sessions were followed by exploring the understanding of internal and external motivation. As part of the Math Fest, students engaged in group activities to initiate a discussion on Motivation for Math which was then linked to motivation in all other aspects of life. This process was facilitated by reflections on the movie ‘The Lego Story’ followed by individual activities that required students to create their own motivational statements and creating an imaginary story of their inventions. When students were asked to share their memories, learnings and reflections on all the P.D. classes this year, they came up with some interesting narratives. Here’s a look at some of them and a peek into our journey this year in P.D.!

“In the P.D. class we enjoyed all the things,

We discussed about our family and people,

We discussed about Motivation, Managing Change and Touch,

We did charts on Change and played many games.

We saw movies like ‘Who moved my Cheese?” and ‘The Lego Story’,

And we learnt about the types of touch,

We learnt about private parts,

And importance of listening,

We also discussed about Tricky people.

We did innovative and creative writing

And we made our new inventions

That’s all! We enjoyed in the P.D. class.

Lamia told us many things

She gave us messages like –

To motivate people, To keep a smile on our face every time

To not be sad and

Make sure our words are not bad!”

-          Neel Rambhiya., V-Neeti

“When I went to school

When I went to school

I heard of a secret class

Its name was P.D. class.

I liked it very much

My experience was

That I learnt many things

The topics which I liked were-

Managing Change, Motivation and Types of Touch-

And many many more!

In Types of touch I learnt that

There are many types of touch – loving touch, hurtful touch, accidental touch, uncomfortable touch, etc.

I liked the movie ‘The Lego Story’

Because it gave many many learnings

His inventions were very creative

I learned to be creative and hard-working!

P.D. Class is fun to attend

You will also like it

And you will day ‘What an amazing class!’

And never be sad ad be happy!”

-          Divya Savla, V- Neeti



 “I remember the things I did in P.D. and I will tell you about them

I saw a movie named ‘The Lego Story’

We saw it and enjoyed it,

We learnt a message that “we should always try”

This message will help me in the future in my work when I grow up

This was the best topic for me!

When I think about it, I feel nice

It was amazing because it taught me a lesson.”

-          Rishabh Dedhia, V- Neeti


“Hey hey hey hip hop

I have heard there was a class

Its name was P.D. Class, P.D. Class

We saw many movies like

‘Who moved my cheese?’ and ‘The Lego Story’

But we watched many more short films

I learnt many things from my P.D. class

Like motivation, safety of private parts, etc.

It was very helpful to me and others.

I learnt many things from P.D. Class

Like taking motivation from other classes

So I am confident that I can do anything…

I will love my P.D. class for ever, ever, ever and ever! “

-          J.K, V-Neeti

We bonded, expressed and shared…7 We bonded, expressed and shared…6 We bonded, expressed and shared…5 We bonded, expressed and shared…4 We bonded, expressed and shared…3 We bonded, expressed and shared…2 We bonded, expressed and shared…1


Hello Mr.Shakespeare – An Evening in Nehru Centre

-Rajashekhar, Chief Librarian, Shishuvan School.


Hello Mr.Shakespeare 1

Even after 400 years of his death this mans influence doe not seem to be diminishing by any count.  Was he an elitist, school, well read, highly educated or a genius? How is it that the mankind continues to relish his thoughts and writings.  What is the secret.?  This is the legacy of this great man who could not  live over 52 years. It was altogether a different break for me to listen to Dr.Coomi S . Vevaina yesterday evening at Nehru Centre Worli.

Shakespeare seems to be her life breath through her thoughts, writings and deliberations.  Let us see how popular Shakespeare remains 400 years after his death.  A simple Google search was done and the results are interesting and as follows ;

Keywords Number of results

13 00 00 000

Shakespeare (book search)

24 90 000

Shakespeare (video search)

11 00 000

Shakespeare (News Search)

1 94 000

Shakespeare in India (general search)

2 56 00 000


1 31 00 00 000


It is just amazing! The popularity of this man never seem to diminish.  Did he ever realise and imagine that is and his writings would turn out into several libraries, a phenomenon, a wave, an ever expanding school of thought, after 400 years after his death? Perhaps no.  He was a simple unassuming scholar, down to earth, wrote and played for common man of his times. What if he did not know he was a genius, a rare genius! Dr.Coomi’s stock on Shakespeare titled, ‘Hello Shakespeare was rich in contents, thought provoking and sensitising. She was emphatic on Shakespeare’s deep understanding of human psyche and                        social / divine affairs.

Hello Mr.Shakespeare   Ms Coomi

At the outset Dr.Coomi seemed to be excited to talk and interact. She was full of life and enthusiasm.  She was so proud to pronounce that Shakespeare continues to be more popular in Mexico and India than in his home land UK.  So engrossing was her engagement that I could not stop remembering best of my English teachers at my schools and colleges where I studied (Prof Mumbai, MB Biradar, Shalini Edith and Hanmanth Rao Masther). I wish and hope to listen to her talks often in future.

Thank you Ms.Donna Reen and Ms.Arati Desai for the kind invite to attend the event.

Event detail :

  • Interactive talk on Shakespeare titled, “Hello Mr.Shakespeare’ by Coomi S Venaina
  • Time : 4.30pm
  • Date : 21st April 2016
  • Venue : Nehru Centre (Discovery of India Building)

References :


THE U14 POWER HOUSE 2015-2016

The U14 power hse names


tejasBy Tejas Kapasi.

Tejas runs a Travel Agency and has been in the travel & leisure industry for the last 18 years. .He has been an enthusiastic volunteer on Shishuvan field trips, also an active member of the Sports Committee. He has 2 sons studying in Shishuvan. Older one just gave his board exams and younger one in grade IX.



What an eventful year for Shishuvan, especially the Volleyball teams. It was a remarkable year of 2015-2016 indeed!

The Volleyball teams i.e. U17, U14 & U12 (boys and girls team) have left me spell bound. Somehow, I am trying to pen down to the best I can…

Since last 5 to 6 years I have been active at Shishuvan with few activities and one of them is Volleyball. The volleyball teams have been giving their best performances by winning 1stor 2nd or 3rd places in most of the interschool matches. (ICSE, DSO, MSSA etc.) In fact, few players have been playing state level and selected for nationals too!

The U14 boys team have been playing with such enthusiasm, dedication, efforts, skills and tirelessly. Their hard work and guidance from Coach Mr. Dhiraj Dubey has given awesome results. This U14 boys’ team has played 6 Interschool Volleyball tournaments in the academic year 2015-16 and won all of them in 1st place, means they have never been beaten in Mumbai by any school, that’s a moment of pride for everyone.

All get applauded for this, right from Team Players, Coach, School, Teachers, Management, Volunteer Parents, Sports Sir, Friends & Family Members.

These U14 boys team starts their day by getting up at 5:30-5:40 a.m. thrice a week to reach the Pavilion at 6:15a.m. for their practice. Whether it’s rain, dark winter mornings or sunshine they have been religiously practicing and enhancing their game. Here, I would like to appreciate the parents who also get up as early as 5:15 a.m. to prepare food for their kids, 2 snack boxes, 1 lunch box and 1evening snack box, (To all the Moms & Dads who have been doing this a big salute to you) not just for this team or volleyball but to all parents who have been doing this with smile on their face.

Guys just imagine a child leaving home at 6:00 in morning, later after school going for classes or tuitions and returning home around 6:00/7:00 p.m., they are tired and exhausted but, still are fully charged for the next day’s work.

This team in discussion are all playing volleyball since last 3 / 4 years who were earlier in U12 boys’ team, now U14 boys’ team and further will be U17 boys team.

This all started with the school giving a wonderful infrastructure for sports; State of art “Pavilion” where in it is now become a talk of the town with so many interschool tournaments being held as well hosted too.

I along with Mr Nikunj Lakhani have been taking out time from our work schedule to be with the team during practices as well matches too. Both of us have 2 boys and coincidentally both are in Shishuvan Volleyball U17 & U14 boys’ team

Whether the matches are in Matunga, Dharavi, Azad Maidan, Thane, Borivali, or even at times for state selections to Kolhapur or Nagpur, we have been there witnessing this journey.

As mentioned 6 interschool tournaments won in 2015-16 which includes Shiv Chatrapati Sports club tournament, ICSE, DSO, MSSA, VV Bhatt Children’s Academy (C.A cup) & Adidas Uprising Interschool tournament.

There are few reasons why it makes me write, why this U14 Volleyball boys’ team is called POWER HOUSE and why I am spell bound, I am sure once you’ll read further you all will agree with me.

Amongst, all the titles won the 5th and 6th title are very special &close to my heart.

On 31st Jan2016 Sunday morning we reached Kandivali for the C.A cup where in U17 Boys & U17 Girls won 2nd& 3rd place respectively, U12 boys also won 3rd place where as U14 boys won 1st place registering their 5th consecutive win, after the felicitation the team reached home around 7:30pm

Next day that’s 1st Feb, Std. VIII children were to leave for their educational field trip to Konkan which included this U14 boys team as well

As they were in education trip the schedule was packed with all day activities, getting up early at 5:30-6:00am having long days and being up for 16-18 hours (reason 1)

The trip was to return on 6th Feb night, but as these boys had to play the Adidas Uprising tournament which was scheduled for 6th& 7th Feb, we had taken prior permission from the school authorities to allow the boys to come a day prior. Here we (Nikunjbhai and I, as well other parents are thankful to Nilesh Sir, Principal Ms Shubhadra Shenoy & Executive Director Ms Neha Chheda for being supportive always, encouraging sports a lot.

So Nikunj Lakhani and I left for Kudal (Konkan) on 5th Feb morning and reached around 13:00 hrs

The departure for the train from Kudal was around 3:50pm and on 5th Feb this team departed in train (sitting train attached pics) from Konkan to Mumbai, their scheduled arrival was 11:00pm, but train was late and they arrived on 6th Feb early morning 02:40am at Dadar station. All of them reached home by 3:00am; in normal cases we had a doubt that one or two boys may skip but all the boys and their family were so positive that all the champs were ready at 7:15 a.m. at the meeting point where in Nikunjbhai and I picked them up, we went by two cars, and reached the MSSA Venue Azad Maidan for the Adidas Uprising Interschool Tournament at reporting time of 08:00a.m. (reason 2)

The teams were divided in 2 pools A & B, wherein they had to register minimum 2 wins to enter next stage

This team showed dedication and played with their full strength somewhere the last night tiredness was seen as they lost 1stmatch in their pool, can’t blame them understanding how their last 24 hours were! But the boys didn’t give up!  Their coach Dhiraj Sir along with the parents’ presence, motivated them with few words of encouragement, the team gathered themselves, as they are nick named by fellow school mates the POWER HOUSE, they displayed their skill and talent by winning next two matches in straight sets to reach Semi-finals, (reason 3) which was to be played next day that is 7th Feb. So here was a breather for them a welcomed overnight rest …was a blessing for them

On 7th Feb the team the re-charged POWER HOUSE (as per their reputation) played their game by beating the opponents in straight sets to enter the FINALS

The finals against Amruta Vidyalay Navi Mumbai was really a nail biting one!  As this was the same team whom they lost the 1stmatch in the pool matches. The score card was almost parallel at most stages, still the boys with their technique leaped ahead in points by wining 1st set 25-22 and second set was tensed up as opponents were initially leading, but then the boys played the game like real champions by clinching the 2nd set 25-23 and lifting the inaugural ADIDAS-UPRISING U14 boys Volleyball trophy, this U14 Boys team stands 1st all over Mumbai.

I would like to thank few people without which this wouldn’t have been possible, Dhiraj Dubey, the Volleyball Coach, Vivek Sir Asst coach, Vinod Bhandare the care taker of Pavilion,

Sports department of Shishuvan.

Tanya Adani, & Priyanshi Mehta (both std. IX girls) for always doing that extra effort for their girls’ teams to win, Neha Laud & Vrittika Survana (both Std.VIII girls) for always cheering and supporting their team as well the U14 boys team.

All Moms and Dads of this boys’ team for always being supportive, special thanks to the fathers who have been taking out time to support n cheer teams, Jeetan Visaria, Amit Maru, Rajiv Adani, Shashank Laud, Rajeev Ghoslakar, Sanket Soni, Vinay Galia. Suraj Suvarna. Girish Bhide, Sundar Nandi.

Special applause for Aditya Sawant’s Grandfather who was always there at the meeting point for pick up & drop as well at midnight 2:30am at train station. Was very much touched by this couple Vaishali-Vilas Chodankar who on a Sunday specially came to cheer the team, whose son doesn’t play volleyball at all. Thanks Vilas and Vaishali for the moral support

Last but not the least Nikunj Lakhani for being a great company as well being together everywhere, in fact eventually did find a good friend in him

All wins are always special but no doubt, the 5th& 6th title will always remain special for me. Kudos to this U14 Boys Volleyball Team for bringing accolades and achievements
They were “Tired but Unbeatable”





Glimpses of the team…

The power house5 The power house4 The power house3 The power house2 The power house