-Maria Jodiawalla

(M.A. Clinical Psychology, University of Mumbai)

School Counsellor, Shishuvan School


On the 14 th and 15 th of July 2016 the Parents of Nursery grade attended a workshop titled

‘Importance of Establishing a Daily Routine for my child’. The workshop emphasized on the needs to establish a consistent routine for the child to stimulate child’s growth and development. It also emphasized the needs to develop a routine that serves the need of the child than the other family members. The importance of physical play and motivating the child to become independent in daily activities was also reinforced through this workshop.

Let’s see how did all of this happen?

The workshop began with a Taboo. Yes parents were stimulated cognitively through the game Taboo!! The rules of the games were explained and let me tell you parent’s performance on this was satisfactory ;) Parents would often say the taboo word or run out of time! However the game served its purpose and laid the foundation for further discussion.

Then parents were divided into groups and were asked to brain storm on various questions that were related to their child’s routine, their efforts to schedule it, lack of routine and various deviations in a routine. Each group presented their work and came up with interesting pointers for discussions. Parents would share personal experiences as well as strategies they do that work with their children and help them devise a routine for their child. This was an interesting learning experience for a lot of parents and some said that they would love to try it themselves. It also served as an eye opener for parents on how they were missing out important details in their child’s daily schedule. Having a rationale for the various activities that children are exposed to was also an important point of discussion.

After this elaborate discussion parents were given real life scenarios and were asked to apply these strategies to it. Their responses reflected their take back from the workshop and their zest to implement these learning’s with their children.The workshop helped to enhance rapport with parents and their participation made it a fruitful process. Not only did the parents take away from this workshop but also contributed to my learning process through their honest sharing and active participation.

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Struggle of Galileo – Book Review



by Palak Bham (V Dhyaan, Shishuvan)


‘Galileo Galilei’ authored by Malti Bansal is a book about how the scientist Galileo struggled to become a scientist. According to me the best part  of the book is when  the author describes about how Galileo started researching about planets and became successful.  I liked this part because after doing so much hard work he had become successful.  Galileo later identified /  introduced the 4 largest moons of Jupiter. This book is very inspirational and I now truly believe, ‘Try Try Till You Succeed!’ I would like to read many of the books published under the Series, ‘Meet the Glorious Scientists’ (under which this book is published) and recommend to my friends to read.


book review palak bham