Which Value do you Value?

- Lamia Bagasrawala, Clinical Psychologist, Shishuvan School

The Project Days at Shishuvan are a wonderful presentation of all the classroom processes and practices over the last few months. As part of the Personal Development (P.D.) classes, students of class 7 – Neeti engaged in reflective discussions and activities around the theme ‘Values’. Students created journals at the beginning of the semester wherein they recorded their classroom activities, processes and reflections regularly. Students challenged the idea of ‘values in life’ and the need to inculcate these in practical ways instead of only preaching them. They discussed the difficulties encountered in upholding values across all situations and also identified and reflected upon values that are most significant to them. They shared instances from their personal lives when they have striven to follow certain values and also times when they found it difficult to do so. As part of a group activity, students created riddles about different values and finally identified eight core values important for their class. In line with the Project Day theme of ‘Systems’, students created a ‘Value System’ identifying different values relevant in different spheres of life. Students then engaged actively in creating games and activities to present these classroom processes and ideas to visitors and other students on the Project Day. Students created a quiz on different values which they associated with different animated-movie characters (such as Harry Potter, Nemo, Dory, Willy Wonka, Chutki, etc.) and cartoon-characters as well as charts for visual display and a classroom model enlisting the Process chart of all the tasks and activities done so far. Students managed the stall all by themselves, explaining the process, the eight values, the Values System, administering the quiz, calculating the responses and thanking the visitors with a Badge and Bookmark mentioning the value that they scored highest on the quiz. Students received brilliant feedback for their activity and presentation! Congratulations to them!  Here’s a sneak peek into our stall on the Project Day…


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12th August 2016 : Librarians’ Day – Cum – Seminar

Shishuvan Invites

Shishuvan celebrates Librarians Day in honour of great Indian Librarian Padmashree Prof.  Dr S.R.Ranganathans’ 124th Birth Anniversary , by hosting a

“Seminar on Excellence in School Education : Role of Libraries”

on 12th August 2016 (forenoon, 9.00 am to 11.30am).

Event Highlights

  •                    Different perspectives on                                                                                                                  Excellence in School Education                                                                  vis-à-vis

                                                    School Library Service                                                                                       would be elicited by way of a four pronged presentations by Students, Teachers, Parents and Librarians. The presenters representing the above four would focus on their  role in the process of achievement of Excellence in School Education.

  • Focus of all presentations would invariably  be on Best Practices.
  • Prof.Coomi Vevaina (Professor of English – Mumbai University) a renowned  Educationist and author of much acclaimed book, “What Children Really Want” would grace the occasion by delivering a lecture on the topic.
  • Shishuvan Reading Programme
  • Seminar Resolutions


It would be an unique occasion for all Students, Teachers, Parents and Librarians to participate in the event to get know the nuances of Achieving Excellence in School Education – Vis-à-vis Role of Libraries. Functional and State of Art Libraries are backbones of vibrant and successful schooling. ‘School Libraries globally are envisioned as a force for the enhancement and improvement of Teaching and Learning through out the School community for Educators as well as for Students (IFLA/UNESCO School Library Manifesto, 1999).

Who should participate?

Students, Teachers, Parents , Librarians and any person  who has genuine interest in School Education and Libraries.

No Participation fee.

Registration on ‘First Come First Served’ basis for 50 participants’.

To participate, register online  by clicking on the link given below :



Those who are interested  to speak/make presentations on the seminar theme may get in touch with the organizers.


Organizing Secretary – Rajashekhar Devarai, Chief Librarian          Organizing Committee Member -  Jamila Merchant, Librarian  

    Shishuvan English Medium School,                                                                                                                                       426, Shraddhand Road, Kings Circle, Matunga Central, Mumbai – 400019,    librariansday.shishuvan@gmail.com ; Chieflibrarian.shishuvan@gmail.com ; shraddha.asstlib.shishuvan@gmail.com ; zamilamerchant@yahoo.co.in ;    Tel : 022-24044063/64 ; Extension Numbers : 135, 136 and 118 ; mob 7738071618 ; 9969946792