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Yellow and green. Shishuvan. Sunflowers. Shishuvan. Democracy. Shishuvan. Hands-on. Shishuvan. No hierarchy. Shishuvan. Problem-solving mode. Shishuvan. Mediation. Shishuvan. Anti-bullying. Shishuvan. No textbooks. Shishuvan. Paddy farming. Shishuvan. Qawwali. Shishuvan. Project days. Shishuvan. Everybody learns. Shishuvan. Students teach. Shishuvan. Integrated learning. Shishuvan. Trip to Purani Dilli, Auroville, Chennai, Kutch, Savantwadi, Bengaluru, Raigad, Dahanu, Durshet. Shishuvan. Khadi curriculum. Shishuvan. Unisex uniform. Shishuvan. Gymnastics. Shishuvan. Students Parliament and Council. Shishuvan. Ministry. Shishuvan. Michaelangelo style of paintings. Shishuvan. Film making. Shishuvan. Visit to Lahore. Shishuvan. Parents and school collaborate. Shishuvan.

We are always upto something in Shishuvan… always. This blog is all about sharing all the crazy/ adventurous/ awesome/ eye-opening/ mind-boggling things/ events/ people at Shishuvan. Come, enjoy vicariously as we relive our memories new and young, as we take you on this magical blog-ride…

3 thoughts on “Shishuvan cares to share!

  1. 9. My first love!
    It all started that one night when I was simply sitting on my couch and realised…
    I heard thunders and lightnings scream from the sky wanting us to see the clouds enjoy!…
    After a while did I see… A few droplets from the sky reach the land and seas!!!!
    It was mesmerising to watch..
    Such a beautiful force of nature without a torch!
    All I said at that time was..
    *look at the water from the sky fall..!!*
    As I grew up they called it rain!!
    Though the phenomenon behind it never reached my brain!
    Then did I learn tht they come in many forms..
    Also can it cause a number of storms!!
    Snow, hail, sleet and drizzle..
    They are the new forms found recently after research!
    Dear rain, u r my first love…
    And wen u fall u make me blush!!
    So I want to stand in the pouring rain,
    To feel the growing pain,
    Of having rain coming down like a cold flame…
    I want to see raindrops play again..
    Rain Rain Rain!!

    10. Vacations!!!
    Flying off to various places…
    Discovering new things about yourself..
    Going for shopping!!
    And solving a number of cases..!!
    The time of our year when comes!!
    April May and June.. Your legs get numb!!
    Excitement, happiness, relaxation and craziness are the only gases that your body inhales…
    Staying awake with your eyes wide open in sleepovers, decorating your hair, face and nails!!
    in this beautiful journey of love and care..Laughs and jokes..
    Visiting a number of places and knowing more about your folks!
    This is the time when children discover new games..
    Its all about vacations and also when people get fame!
    Walking on the streets of different countries… You go through a number of feelings …
    You can also learn skills like dancing, singing and cycling!!
    Our life is full of twists and turns!!
    In this world there are many phenomenons to be learnt!
    But if our good fortune continues we’ll be a part of what’s next..
    In the knowledge that our time together is a gift not a test!!!
    From Yashvi Mehta, 9th karma

  2. Cooking Club
    My experience to make Sujitoast on 16th of Feb on Sunday at my house was very nice. I cut the vegetables and tosted it on my own. My mother was besides me for few seconds. It was very tasty in taste and my family loved it. I am waiting for the doy that when I will make in again for somone.

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