What happens to an idea

by Jai Sonwalkar

(What an idea Sirjee! Here Jai takes a sneak peek at what happens to an idea without going too much detail into this vast topic:)

A seed’s fate is a chance – 50/50. It might germinate into a seedling, manage to grow into a sapling and fight for resources like water and sunlight to emerge as a plant/tree. On the other hand, it might die at any of the above stages.

An idea is like this seed – it might germinate from the brain to the mindmap/drawing board, manage to convince the decision makers and become a blueprint and actually evolve into an action, a product/service, a practise, why even commercial success. On the other hand, it might die at any of the above stages.

Sometimes the idea dies even after it comes into action. The action readjusts, realigns and changes so much that the original idea is lost. Often the new action is better than the old idea it outgrew. Many times, it is not.

An idea in itself is not perpetual even if it may be long-lived. The idea of using a wheel seems perpetual enough, but wheels might serve a different purpose in the future.

So how does one protect an idea from being smothered, killed or dying naturally? Does one want to protect an idea at all? What about ideas that change with changing times and the ones that adamantly don’t?

Ideas on the whole never die – they are constantly replaced by others. So as long as brains are working, ideas will make their presence felt.

Getting back to my original question, the title of the post – What happens to an idea? It is not enough to just have an idea and gloat over it. What really counts is – transforming those ideas to something real. It’s not always easy nor always difficult.

There was a time when I’d sleep with a tiny notepad and a pencil under my pillow – ready for any idea that sprouts in my sub-conscious mind. It would keep me awake long enough to scribble it down. When I wrote it down, the idea would grow. It would either lead to a sleepless night, where the idea was twisting and turning to grow into a full-fledged plan. Or it would make me sleep with satisfaction – acknowledging that it was a good idea which can wait till morning for any action. I sleep over most my problems as the ideas to solve them visit me only at night.

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What do you do with your idea?

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