by Sini Nair

Sini, one of our regular contributors, teaches English in High School in Shishuvan. She wishes to express her gratitude to her Std X students in this poem she’s written:

The journey of my life took me to strange places
They scared me, they stared at me and they gave me mazes
Mazes to understand, to solve and evolve
One of those mazes that I encountered was a class of tenth graders
With apprehension and doubt I entered their class
I could hear a whisper, “How are you going to start?”
Without a doubt I spoke my mind
I told them that I would lead them through the grind
They heard me out but still had many a doubts
Days went by and so did our interactions
More than anything that I learnt from them was acceptance
They accepted me without a thought
We spoke and argued and fought
And the best that happened to me was ‘Sammy’
The whole process disclosed their maturity
It made me see through their sensitivity
This is just a small and humble way of saying Thank You
Thank You for being what you are
Thank You for showing me what is Patience
Thank You for all that you have given me in a short span.

3 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. Hi Sini
    Thanks for letting this poem travel beyond the farewell assembly organized for the tenth graders. They’re a truly wonderful batch, and I too will miss them. As for the content of your poem, I’d say that this is something we teachers need to do a lot more often — thank students for what we receive from them. It’s easy to think of ourselves as givers but that’s not the only role we perform. It’s humbling to acknowledge the richness, beauty and inspiration our students bring to our lives.

  2. Dear Chintan,
    I have always taken back more from what I have given in any classroom. It has only helped me evolve as a human and as a teacher. The best lessons I have learnt are from my students and my class never ends without a ‘Thank You.’
    For me that is mandatory.

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