You Helped Me Find Myself


By Harshil  Vora (Std X, 2011-12)

My ten years of school just got over with a BANG! The farewell was quite amazing and memorable. For this special occasion, I wished to write a poem (Thanks to the girl who encouraged me beautifully!) about my love, Shishuvan School. Here it goes:

The School That Grew Up With Me

It was your very first run,
As I walked into your hall
I was six and you were one,
I was tiny, you were small.

There were so many like me,
Yet just one like you,
How lonely you’d be,
I wish I knew.

When I was ten and you were four,
I understood you a little more.
You bought me a freedom store,
And let my curiosity soar.

When I was thirteen and you were seven,
I’d be moody and you’d be heaven.
I’d love and hate you together,
You’d treat me much much better.

When I was fifteen and you were nine,
You made sure that I felt fine.
Studying, sports and studying in line,
You kept me busy all the time.

When I turned sixteen, you ten,
I’d miss you every now and then.
I was busy and you were too.
We’d be so close, who knew?

I can shout your name anywhere.
And write you many rhymes,
I can flaunt your colours everywhere
And praise you a billion times.

I can say we are connected,
More than we were before.
You have left me very indebted.
I cannot ask you any more.

I am still sixteen and you are ten,
But I feel six and you feel one again.
It feels just a second ago when,
Our memorable journey had begun.

This is my lovely Story Of Us,
We are two in one, you see?.
I’ll love you, Forever and Always.
The School That Grew Up With Me.

There is a certain beauty in school life, apart from academics and schoolmates. It is the way it completely unintentionally, yet always, makes you find your true self. There is this inevitable journey in which you initially depend on everyone for your identity, but as time passes by, you grow up and find yourself in you. This Finding sets you apart from the world, gives you an identity more unique than your full name and creates a space for just you in this world.

There are these special and lovely people too, though very very rare and few. They help you change in the most subtle manner possible. They give you priceless opportunities. They are proud and glad when you grow. They are selfless and modest to its extremities, and love you for who you are. They are the reason you never want to leave school. They are people for whom every word of praise falls so short of their true worth, that it seems disrespectful. They are true friends that give you all they have, and very happily too. They are inspiration by being just themselves. They make Shishuvan worth every life. They are people I will never forget. They helped me find myself. Thank You Shishuvan! You really mean the world to me! <3


4 thoughts on “You Helped Me Find Myself

  1. Dear Harshil
    I’m filled with pride and a deep gladness to read something so heartfelt and beautiful written by you. May you find a million opportunities to share the blessings and opportunities that have come your way and made you the kind of person you are.

    • Harshil, besides the poem being really warm and beautiful, what struck me was the simple way in which you could reflect and relate to the place and people you`ve spent most of your life in (besides home of course). It is such a taken for granted place in our lives, I`m really proud you did this, and better still published it.

  2. What an utterly delicious personification! I can almost picture how you have savoured your years in Shishuvan and evidently continue to do so, lovingly and minutely. Wishing that Success and good Fortune be your constant companions, and hoping to see more such lovely lines…

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