Au Revoir

By Shubadra Shenoy

(Shubadra is the vibrant High School HOD whose cabin is almost always filled with students and laughter. She wrote this poem for the first batch of tenth graders that passed out of Shishuvan last year. She dug this out of her inbox to revisit some happy memories with the students we fondly call our alumni.)

We animated our life through Flash
Integrated the environment with  all sciences.
I  learned alongside to be a good leader.
Together we made the best readers.

Our walk of Chandni  Chowk and sumptuous parathas
Cannot forget the show at Red Fort and the Sufi dargahs.
Lol to the breathtaking view of the Taj
Singing and dancing in the Jaipur Raj.

As  an united force we explored the beauty of Ranchi
How sad, we left behind Prachi!
The spectacular aerial view of the mine can never leave our hearts
And the homes of those girls – we loved every part.

Innovation to the highest saw every Project Day
Fun and frolic did not miss any Fair day
From Ekanki to Shakespeare at its best
Every Annual Day, You were better than the rest.

Find me if you can: Shubadra

You stood by me in all ups and downs.
Smiling and shining after every knockdown.
Encroaching on my room whenever you may
I will miss the noise and your voice everyday.

As we come together to the final test of this journey
I only pray god to bless you with the 3 Rs
This is to you, our first class X,
Success, belief and support every hour.

All the very best to each of you here. God bless!

12 thoughts on “Au Revoir

  1. Shubhadra, this is soooooooo sweeeeeeet! I am dead sure no school allows encroachment in a HOD’s room by students the way you do in Shishuvan. This is what makes the relationship special and unique.

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