Getting to know our neighbours

This year Shishuvan will be looking at the world around it with eyes wide open as things taken on a global perspective.

Across the school, teachers and students are busy learning about what life is like outside India. And in true Shishuvan style, the range is sweeping. Taking cues from their curriculum the children are exploring subjects like endangered animals, transportation and plants with a global lens fitted to their telescopes.

This week, the students of Standard IV were invited by the Consulate General of Sri Lanka to visit the embassy. This is the first time the Sri Lankan embassy has had students visit them on a field trip, and were very impressed with the decorum and discipline of the young Shishuvanites.

Jignasa Bham, IV standard teacher was one of the teachers who accompanied the students.

“The Consulate General and staff of the embassy were very warm and soft spoken, living up to the name Sri Lankans have of being kind and friendly. The embassy had gone to great lengths to prepare for the students’ visit. The staff patiently explained to the children about the culture, language, religious practices, cuisine and  festivals of the country.”

The students viewed an AV that showcased the music and dance heritage of the Emerald Isle and also looked at the major tourist attractions of the country. A photography exhibition and a display of vibrant, handcrafted wooden masks and traditional lamps completed the tour.

“Though this was a very different kind of field trip, the children really enjoyed themselves. They raised many questions that impressed the Embassy staff and listened intently to the answers given. The children all received a handbook about Sri Lanka at the end of the visit.” Jignasa shared.

Follow up activities are planned  in music, dance and art and craft.


2 thoughts on “Getting to know our neighbours

  1. My daughter wad very happy about to know a neighbouring country at it has developed her interest in knowning other countries.

  2. Sri Lanka is One of The Cleanest Countries in The Indian Sub-Continent ~

    ILP”Librateur to Middle”High School has travelled twice to Sri Lanka ~

    Once As A Member of and Again On A Private”Personal Visit ~

    Places worth visiting are ~

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