Teacher’s kick off anti-bullying campaign

While many of us were enjoying our summer vacations, our teachers were hard at work attending training sessions, workshops and planning the academic year ahead.

The leadership and teachers discussed areas that they would like to focus on this year and decided that three needed priority attention. The first area the school will be addressing is bullying and discipline.

Bullying is a form of aggressive behaviour in which someone intentionally and repeatedly causes another person injury or discomfort. Bullying can take the form of physical contact, words or more subtle actions.

There are many different kinds of bullying and it’s important we say no and take a stand against all of them.

Teasing Groupism Physical
Spreading rumours Intentional exclusion Games like pen fight, catapulting (rubberband), red hands
Name calling Not sharing belongings Taking others’ possessions without permission/ extortion
Pairing Discrimination on the basis of food habits Throwing objects at others
Teasing on the basis of performance (academic/ extra-curricular Discrimination on the basis of economic status Physical fight
Teasing on the basis of economic status Discrimination on the basis of class/division
Cyberbullying Discrimination on the basis of religion

Neha Chheda, Director Shishuvan spoke about why bullying and discipline was one of the areas chosen.

“We’ve noticed how bullying and discipline issues have been on the rise in school. Students as young as pre-primary are getting physical in the corridors, while there are many cases of groupism and isolation in Middle School. We need to start addressing these issues now, understand why children are bullying and isolating classmates and see how we can help those at the receiving end. We need to take a strong stand against this now.”

The campaign has so far involved a skit starring Principal Shubadra Shenoy about bullies that was staged during Assembly. Standard III students have made posters for the campaign and teachers are raising the issue during circle time and PD sessions.

A series of workshops for parents  are being planned for the month of July on how to discipline children effectively. Do sign up when the circular is sent out.

It’s time we take a stand and say NO TO BULLYING in all it’s forms!



2 thoughts on “Teacher’s kick off anti-bullying campaign

  1. Its an amazing effort by Shishuvan in making our kids learn the value of accepting each person as “themselves” and making them better human beings.

    Keep up the good work.

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