Discipline without freedom is tyranny, freedom without discipline is chaos



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Yashvi Gada is a student of Standard X at Shishuvan. Yashvi is one of the school Prime Ministers, a voracious reader and a gifted young writer.

Yashvi’s  piece “Freedom without discipline takes man back to the dawn of civilization” was one of winning essays at The Albert Barrow Memorial All India InterSchool Creative Writing Competition.

 Only 10 essays are published in the commemorative book, and Yashvi’s was one of them.
Congratulations Yashvi.




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3 thoughts on “Discipline without freedom is tyranny, freedom without discipline is chaos

  1. Menaka, its really a good essay by Yashvi Gada what ever I read till now is very interesting and shows imagination power of Yashvi. Appreciate Yashvi for her indepth thinking, her efforts, and they way it has been put up. Good work Yashvi, congratulations!!! keep it going.

    However where can I read the full things cause in the post I guess its little incomplete, would like to read the remaining part.

    • Hi Tejas,

      This is the scanned version of the entire piece. I am trying to see if I can find a soft copy of the same to put up.


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