Budding writers

By Presha A Jain


Presha is a student of Standard 2 Shraddha. She loves to read stories. Some time back she also started to pen down her own stories. Here are two of them.

The Magical Toy

Once there was a singer. He had a wishing clock which gave him a necklace every day. One day he went hunting. That night he took shelter in a girl’s house. The girl’s name was Piya.

The next day he set off to go home. On the way home he was thinking that the girl had helped him to rest. So then he went to the toy shop. He took a boy doll for the girl. Suddenly the shop turned into a palace. Singer went to the girl’s house and gave her the doll. After the singer had left the girl started to play with the doll and to her surprise the doll started to talk. Then the doll started to run and it turned into a prince.

The girl was very happy she called the singer and asked the name of the shop. He said the name was ‘Magic’. The girl went to the shop and was surprised to see that shop had also turned into a palace. She turned into a princess. They both were happy with each other.

The Elephant and the Crow

Once upon a time there were two friends, an elephant and a crow. One day the crow received a gift. And the gift was some cheese.

Sometime later they both wanted to taste the cheese. But the crow did not want to share it. The crow was a smart fellow. He took a paper and wrote a letter to himself. He told Bhalu, the bear to act as a postman. The elephant acted to talk to someone over the phone.

They both were acting. They both were waiting for each other to go. Then finally the crow said, “After I will go, will you go?” The elephant agreed. After sometime he came and the crow saw that elephant was eating cheese. Then they both told each other their plan of eating cheese.

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