Night. A poem.


by Sahir D’Souza.

Sahir for the Blog

Sahir Avik D’souza is a student of standard ten and an avid reader. His interests are many, from poetry (in rhyme and metre!) to the English language (he is a grammar freak). You can keep up with him at his blog


At night, as stars glow, one hears our moon sing
a hundred songs: this, that and everything.
He sings of light and dark and good and bad.
At night, his songs can sound a trifle sad.

At night, there’s no-one walking on the streets.
Perhaps a lonely shop will sell you eats.
And as you walk home, it just comes to you:
at night, all’s lovely (sky, stars, moon) – it’s true!

At night, the world may seem like some charade –
but look beyond, for that’s just the façade.
For in the dark, as stars glow, the moon sings
a thousand songs: this, that and lots of things.
At night, it’s as though you’ve been given wings.

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