We bonded, expressed and shared…

- Lamia Bagasrawala, School Psychologist, Shishuvan School


As part of the Personality Development (PD) Classes in the academic year 2015-16, students of Std. V- Neeti explored different concepts that were aimed at addressing their immediate and long-term needs. This being their first year in Shishuvan and the Boarding facility, the initial P.D. classes focused on addressing the students’ experiences of change and exploring emotions and attitudes towards the new systems and structures. This was achieved through a series of classes, use of audio-visual aids, a detailed reflection on the movie ‘Who moved my Cheese?’ and a number of group, pair and individual activities. Thereafter a series of sessions focused on exploring the concept of safety and the different kinds of touch. These sessions were followed by exploring the understanding of internal and external motivation. As part of the Math Fest, students engaged in group activities to initiate a discussion on Motivation for Math which was then linked to motivation in all other aspects of life. This process was facilitated by reflections on the movie ‘The Lego Story’ followed by individual activities that required students to create their own motivational statements and creating an imaginary story of their inventions. When students were asked to share their memories, learnings and reflections on all the P.D. classes this year, they came up with some interesting narratives. Here’s a look at some of them and a peek into our journey this year in P.D.!

“In the P.D. class we enjoyed all the things,

We discussed about our family and people,

We discussed about Motivation, Managing Change and Touch,

We did charts on Change and played many games.

We saw movies like ‘Who moved my Cheese?” and ‘The Lego Story’,

And we learnt about the types of touch,

We learnt about private parts,

And importance of listening,

We also discussed about Tricky people.

We did innovative and creative writing

And we made our new inventions

That’s all! We enjoyed in the P.D. class.

Lamia told us many things

She gave us messages like –

To motivate people, To keep a smile on our face every time

To not be sad and

Make sure our words are not bad!”

-          Neel Rambhiya., V-Neeti

“When I went to school

When I went to school

I heard of a secret class

Its name was P.D. class.

I liked it very much

My experience was

That I learnt many things

The topics which I liked were-

Managing Change, Motivation and Types of Touch-

And many many more!

In Types of touch I learnt that

There are many types of touch – loving touch, hurtful touch, accidental touch, uncomfortable touch, etc.

I liked the movie ‘The Lego Story’

Because it gave many many learnings

His inventions were very creative

I learned to be creative and hard-working!

P.D. Class is fun to attend

You will also like it

And you will day ‘What an amazing class!’

And never be sad ad be happy!”

-          Divya Savla, V- Neeti



 “I remember the things I did in P.D. and I will tell you about them

I saw a movie named ‘The Lego Story’

We saw it and enjoyed it,

We learnt a message that “we should always try”

This message will help me in the future in my work when I grow up

This was the best topic for me!

When I think about it, I feel nice

It was amazing because it taught me a lesson.”

-          Rishabh Dedhia, V- Neeti


“Hey hey hey hip hop

I have heard there was a class

Its name was P.D. Class, P.D. Class

We saw many movies like

‘Who moved my cheese?’ and ‘The Lego Story’

But we watched many more short films

I learnt many things from my P.D. class

Like motivation, safety of private parts, etc.

It was very helpful to me and others.

I learnt many things from P.D. Class

Like taking motivation from other classes

So I am confident that I can do anything…

I will love my P.D. class for ever, ever, ever and ever! “

-          J.K, V-Neeti

We bonded, expressed and shared…7 We bonded, expressed and shared…6 We bonded, expressed and shared…5 We bonded, expressed and shared…4 We bonded, expressed and shared…3 We bonded, expressed and shared…2 We bonded, expressed and shared…1


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