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- The P.D. Debate on Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE)

Students of Std. 7 have been engaging in a module on Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) over the last few months as part of their Personality Development (PD) classes. The initial few sessions of the class were marked by student apprehensions and discussions around the purpose of such learning. Students reviewed articles and blogs as well as penned down individual reflections in their personal P.D. journals. The discussions were facilitated by me and with the help of individual feedback, classroom activities and videos we engaged with our thoughts and ideas in a safe, healthy space. While this process prepared them for the module and for further classes on CSE, students decided to bring forth these apprehensions and conflicting views in society to parents and others through a Debate on the Project Day. Students took up various character roles (lawyer, social activist and politician) and presented views about CSE in schools from their respective character’s perspective. The debate was a huge hit with a demand for extra shows on both days. Students presented complex views covering varied aspects – legal, social, political, psychological and biological – of development and presented a strong case for CSE in schools. Parents, visitors and students in the audience were attentive throughout the debate and asked interesting questions to the speakers. Here’s presenting snapshots and the exclusive recording of the debate on the Facebook page !

Debate41 Debate40 Debate39 Debate38 Debate37 Debate36 Debate35 Debate34 Debate33 Debate32 Debate31 Debate30 Debate29 Debate28 Debate27 Debate26 Debate25 Debate24 Debate23 Debate22 Debate21 Debate20 Debate19 Debate18 Debate17 Debate16 Debate15 Debate14 Debate13 Debate12 Debate11 Debate10 Debate9 Debate8 Debate7 Debate6 Debate5 Debate4 Debate3 Debate2 Debate1

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