STD V & VI Project Day Review-Personal Development

By Leraj Gadkar & Maria Jodiawalla-Clinical Psychologist & School Counsellor, Shishuvan School

The students of V & VI presented Bullying and Peer Pressure as a part of their Personal Development (PD class). It all began with the topic being introduced by the counsellors in their respective classes.

STD V student’s learned about bullying through group discussions and worked on questions like what is bullying, different types of bullying, how does the bully, why does an individual bully and ways to deal with bullying. The students created creative displays, which were reflective of their understanding on the topic. These were then put up on the Project Day to help increase awareness amongst the students and visitors about the same.

STD VI students learned about Peer Pressure by gauging a basic understanding about friendship, the importance of having friends and how friends can at times be a negative influence on an individual. This was then taken ahead and the topic of Peer Pressure was introduced to the students. The students learned about the different types of Peer Pressure and also identified how these pressures are a part of their daily interactions with their friends. The students also reflected on how they feel about Peer Pressure and generated ways to deal with it.

In this process the fact that “if each individual makes a conscious effort not to bully or pressurise their friends one can bring an end to this vicious circle” was reinforced. Students identified how each one of them is the creator as well as the victim in this cycle.

This was the idea presented by the students on the Project Day to their peers as well the visitors.  The students created beautiful displays reflective of these ideas and also generated an Anti-Bullying Pledge that would be taken by the visitors on the day of the event. Their aim was to take the visitors through the entire journey just like they had done in class. On the day of the event the students would explain to the visitors what bullying and peer pressure was. The visitors would then reflect on any life incident where they remembered being bullied or pressurised by their peers. They were asked to think ways in which they dealt with it, and if the sought any support from their parents about the same. To generalise this learning, parents in particular were asked to list down ways in which they can help their children when they are confronted with similar situations. The visitors would take the ‘Anti-Bullying Pledge’ just like the students had, and promise to bring an end to this cycle. Last but not the least they were presented with a badge that was reflective of the fact that they had taken the ‘Anti-Bullying Pledge’.

Students experiences as stated by them:

“My experience of the PD stall during Project Day was very nice. I learnt about Peer Pressure and Bullying in detail. We have been taught about Peer Pressure by Maria and bullying by Leraj. In the practise sessions we enjoyed a lot. First we finished all our work and then we were given some time to ourselves by our teachers. Everything was equally divided amongst us and everyone cooperated well. We even helped the STD VIII students to do their work. We were happy that many parents came to our stall, finished the whole process and even took the anti-bullying pledge.”

Naman Sheth,VI Shraddha


“The Project Day was very exciting. Whatever we learnt in class, the process helped us gain a better understanding about the same. Parents understood everything properly and answered the questions well. I liked that the parents did not bored and I was one of the members who made the anti-bullying pledge. Everything went well, we were well prepared and there was no problem in the process as well as execution.”

Drashti Dedhia,STD VI Shraddha


“In the Project Day we prepared well and therefore we could explain without seeing the original paper. The parents were happy listening to us and they understood what we said. Some of the parents were interested; however few did not pay attention while we were talking. I enjoyed making the flyers for parents to come to our stall.”

Anaghaa Balamurugan,STD V Karma


“My experience all over of the Project Day was good. We had a lot of funs making our displays and charts. On the Project Day everyone executed their parts very well and I think they were well prepared. I enjoyed being on the stall and interacting with the visitors. We did a lot of team work, we also got to learn different things like peer pressure”.

Purva Khare,STD V Karma 

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