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Let’s talk about Co-curricular activities in school. Annual days, field trips, fairs, fun?

But the most exclusive and interactive is the project day.

Well, I, Jash Rambhia, studying in VIII Dhyaan would like to share with you about the fun filled subject of PD (personal development) in the project day. As a part of the PD curriculum of Std. VIII, the counselors and the respective student team taught us a topic which plays an important part in our lives i.e. GOAL SETTING and AFFIRMATIONS. The topic seemed new and interesting for the students.  I personally loved both the topics and volunteered to be a part of the PD stall reflecting these concepts for the Project Day. The students were given sufficient time for the project day preparations and it was this time when we did quality research to make our information as impressive as we could under the guidance of our teachers. We made charts that were relevant to our topic and would facilitate understanding of the same. We also made takeaways in the form of bookmarks to be given to the visitors on the Project Day. We worked very hard to make our stall a success. In the whole process we came to know each other’s talents, likes, dislikes etc. On the day of the event we presented and explained what we had prepared wonderfully and confidently. Visitors seemed extremely interested in the topic. This could be due to the relevance of the topic in their personal life as well as their children.

In the first stall we spoke about Goal setting and the importance of it in our life. A short acronym was given to the visitors regarding the same. After this they reflected on their goals, ways to achieve it, time taken as well as the hurdles they would face while achieving these goals. This was loved by the visitors and some of them even promised themselves to put it upon the refrigerator by which they would remember their goals and work towards it.

In the last counter I spoke about affirmations. I explained to them what affirmations and its importance in achieving our goals.  They were then presented with a bookmark in which they were asked to write down self-generated affirmations. They were also given a take way which spoke about different ways to help their child set and achieve their goals. It was observed that the visitors enjoyed the process and gave positive feedback regarding the information provided.

Here are glimpses of the stall…

Goal Affir01 Goal Affir12 Goal Affir11 Goal Affir10 Goal Affir9 Goal Affir8 Goal Affir7 Goal Affir6 Goal Affir5 Goal Affir4 Goal Affir3 Goal Affir2 Goal Affir1



  1. I saw project day bt didn’t come to see for higher STDs as I wasn’t aware about the topics n classes n secondly didn’t HV time too…..bt next time will try n make it…..happy to see children of shishuvan growing so nicely…..n progressively…keep it up guys…..

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