Septimouse Supermouse-Book Review

Anaagha B

 By: Anaghaa Balamurugan                  Class: V – Karma

septi mouse anagha2Author: Ann Jungman

Type of Book: Fiction

Publisher: Happy Cat Paperbacks






The book is about a mouse with magical powers who uses his unique gifts to fix problems & find solutions to benefit all. Also that, we can find friendship in the most unexpected ways.

In the book many parts were humorous like when Septimouse kept repeating, “I am Septimouse the seventh son of the seventh son”, which meant Septimouse was the seventh son of his father and his father was the seventh son of his father. It was funny to keep reading this again and again.

My favorite character was Katie the little girl who helps Septimouse in learning all about cheese and how to make it too.She had blonde hair and her eyes were small and round. She had a curved nose and a small cute smile. She was very helpful and kind.

I liked the book because, it was humorous, easy to understand, interesting and was explained in detail and I could imagine myself as one of the characters.I would like to change those parts where Septimouse is boasting about himself, because I feel being humble and doing good things is more important than talking about it. I would quietly go about doing things.

The book is about a unique mice family with 7 little mice and their parents. Among them was Septimouse, the 7th son of his parents. Septimouse had magic powers like, he could shrink others, turn others into stone and understood language of cats, dogs, humans etc..The story very nicely shows how Septimouse along with his friends does something that no other mouse had thought of doing before – he was actually Septimouse the Supermouse!

septi mouse anagha review




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