Heart to Heart with Mallory – A Book Review


By: Mishti Manglani                       Class: VI – Dhyaan.

heart to heart mishti manglani

Author: Laurie Friedman

Type of Book: Fiction

Publisher: Lerner





The book is all about Mallory’s life, the incidents and what she thinks, just like a diary! I liked reading the book because it was a diary and very interesting read.

I like the character ‘Joey’ as he was very cool and didn’t take offence at anything. He also shared his feelings with Mallory. I like the poems which Mallory made for Frank and Colleen in the book. I liked the book as it is .. but given a chance I will make it little more interesting and humorous. Mallory’s diary really inspires me as it has the problems which many of us face.

The way the author has written the book- looks like it’s a famous personality’s diary. Some problems were true and one problem that was faced is with their step-whosoever.

This book is recommended by me to them. Not only for adjusting with their step-whosoever people but also for people losing their friends. I found the advice very wise. This diary reminds me of my diary, I compared it too and found whosoever is upset can just make a diary and smile will find a way! I got so much moved by the story and here is how I depicted the same in my drawing.



3 thoughts on “Heart to Heart with Mallory – A Book Review

  1. Just superb Dearest Mishti….just love your way of appreciation….your liking & love for reading books will give you tons of knowledge for your tomorrows…NanI & Me feeling proud…MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS.

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