Moody Margaret’s School

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moody maragret

AUTHOR:  Francesca Simon

TYPE OF BOOK:  Fiction

PUBLISHER:  Orion Children’s Books


The book is all about how did Henry spend his precious Saturday playing ‘schools’ with Margaret.

This book was very funny in some parts,. The book is very small and handy with many illustrations.  I was able to complete the book quickly. My favourite part of the book (event) is when Margaret takes the attendance. Horrid Henry tells the first time – In the washroom, second time- flushed away and third time – Dead.

I loved the attendance and the ideas Henry got to go back to his house and not to stay at Margaret’s house.

The book is good as it is,  but if i have to give a suggestion i would add Dave’s birthday party.

Henry’s mom wants peace in the house so she sends Henry and Peter (Henry’s brother) to Margaret’s house. There he had to play  though he did not want  to play that game. Then he finds out different ways to go back home and one of his ways goes successful. He gets to go home and gets enough time to watch his favourite television shows- Marvin the Maniac and Terminator before Dave’s party.

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