Maria Jodiawalla

School Counsellor and Psychologist

Shishuvan School

The student of STD V and VI celebrated the spirit of Christmas in their school council conducted on 17.12.2016 which was planned by the student representatives. The representatives wore Santa clause hats to rejoice this feeling with everyone. The council began with the students discussing the true meaning of Christmas and taking it beyond buying gifts and presents. The citizens also shared how they celebrate Christmas which includes sharing their toys, clothes and needy. The students also mentioned that Christmas is about sharing kindness and happiness with everyone. The council was concluded on this note with each and every one rejoicing this spirit and greeting one another a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Christmas Council6 Christmas Council5 Christmas Council4 Christmas Council3 Christmas Council2 Christmas Council1


  1. Such Celebrations invoke a feeling of caring & sharing in the young minds of our children alongwith spirit of celebration.

    Keep up with the good work!!!

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