Few Lines From My Diary…



Rakesh Bua

-Rakesh Bua

(Father of Niharika,Std IV Karma)

The Durshet trip was clearly a once in a lifetime opportunity not just for the students but also for all the father’s who volunteered for the trip.


The credit for this wonderful trip goes to the staff and entire management of Shishuvan who gave more than 100% to ensure that the trip went well and each and every student returned back with fond memories.


The students not only got an opportunity to participate in adventurous activities but they also learnt what it is like to stay independently for 48 hours.


I strongly believe that such instances will strengthen the confidence of the child and motivate them to engage in outdoor activities irrespective of whether they are on a school trip or on a personal trip.


During meals the management had arranged for buffet ( breakfast lunch and dinner) and I saw the children lining up quite methodically to collect their plates bowls etc. The volunteers were there to serve food to the children and I could see that almost each and every child tried everything that was served to them without making a fuss.


The concept of enacting a play within just half an hour or so can be seriously challenging for 10 yr old children but the manner in which they participated was very impressive. The volunteers made efforts to bring out the best out of their respective groups.


Some of the activities were a bit scary for some children and we did have incidents when some of the children suffered injuries during the course of these activities. However none of the children showed signs of backing out and they went all the way. The credit for this again goes to the volunteers who took utmost care of the children.


Overall it was a beautiful trip; one that will go down as the most cherished one !





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