Journey of a decade in Shishuvan

Suman has been a part of Shishuvan’s journey right from day 1. She was amongst the first few members who were part of the Shishuvan team. Suman has been extremely resourceful in many areas in school. She has been an efficient and loving helper in the true sense. She has helped in regular day to day activities, supported teachers in planning, resource person for the high school SUPW classes and a mentor and guide for the support staff. She worked with the same energy and rigour right from day 1 till the day of her retirement. Her humour, creativity and straight forwardness have left a lasting impact on Shishuvan.┬áHere are her words from her heart:

My journey in Shishuvan started on 10th October 2001. Initially we were only about 10 staff members and no students. The school was inaugurated on 15th October 2001. It was for the first time we met the students.

Kavita talking about Suman on her farewell.

The decade I spent in Shishuvan was very eventful. I had an opportunity to interact with other teachers and members of the management. I am happy to say that Shishuvan also brought out the hidden talent in me, enhancing my abilities. The open and free atmosphere of Shishuvan encouraged exchange of ideas.

I realised with great intensity the love children had for me while leaving the school, and I regret the fact that I have become a senior citizen. I also regret that I will miss the happy years I spent at Shishuvan. However I have many happy memories for company in days to come.

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