Monsters’ Valentine

~ Jai Sonwalkar

(Jai often tries to understand the other side…like the monsters under the bed and behind the closet door. After years of studying them she has found out that Monsters have a heart too….and a big appetite! Here’s a little love story she once witnessed involving two monsters…)

(image courtesy: google images)

“I’d get under the darkest bed, scare the oldest kid, if you’d only be mine!
I have the biggest closet waiting for you my love, be my valentine!”
wooed Gooey-green Glob as Snotella snorted coyly.

Snotella batted her only eyelid as Gooey-green’s tentacle wrapped around her.
But boo! What’s this? She unhinged her jaw
The Glob disappeared, inside her ravenous maw!

Sorry that I couldn’t flirt,
you see you were just what I wanted – a jelly dessert!”

No wonder they say,
for monstrosity’s sake –
the way to a monster’s heart is through her tummy,
Snotella found her true love, in green gummy!

2 thoughts on “Monsters’ Valentine

  1. Seriously, Jai, have you considered publishing a book (‘The Complete Nonsense of Jai Sonwalkar’, edited with an introduction and notes by Sahir D’souza) to rival Edward Lear?

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