You will never be forgotten by any of us!

By Eshwar Potnis

(Eshwar is an alumnus of our school, highly sought after for his impressive drawings and sketches. Here is the text of the farewell speech he made on 22nd December 2012  for Rachana Swar, our much-loved Biology teacher who has completed three years of service at Shishuvan and is now moving on to experience the joys of maternity.)

It is not easy for a new member to adapt to a new place. And it is definitely not easy if the new place is Shishuvan, a school with some vague and different ideals. Even tougher for a teacher. But this was not at all the case when Rachana was introduced to us as our new class teacher in the year 2010.

Plus to add to the troubles, she was given a new and a completely shuffled class. But this didn’t matter to her even a little bit. She took only a few days to know her batch and in no time she was one of us! And it was seen that she was a perfect fit for Shishuvan! A brilliant teacher, mentor and even a parent for some of us. She is an all-rounder. You could approach her at any time of the day with whatever problem or doubt you would have and she would leave you only with a perfect solution for it. She also wanted everyone to excel in her subjects and she was successful in doing so.

Rachana (teacher) with Rachna (student) at an outstation field visit

If this situation of Rachana leaving would have come anytime when I were still in school, maybe I would have said No to giving a farewell speech. Only because we bid our farewell and shed our tears a long time ago, I got the courage to come up here and even speak about this wonderful person.

For me personally, Rachana has been a perfect guardian, always supported me in difficult times as a Chief Minister (of my class) though it may have got controversial sometimes. Despite that, she always held our hand and faced every criticism with confidence, steadiness and with her beautiful smile.

Rachana, I feel proud to use the term ‘teacher’s pet’ here and say that I was privileged to be one, and that too for you! It has been an honour for us and for Shishuvan to have you, and as it is always mentioned, you will never be forgotten by any of us.

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