Project Demonstration 2014-2015 feedback


At Shishuvan, no event is complete with out the feedback of all our stakeholders. We always look to our students, teachers, non-teaching and support staff, parents, leadership and management to tell us what went well and how the event could have been better.

Please use this page to tell us what you saw, what your heard, what you thought… share your praise, your opinions and your critiques.

Here’s what an alumni and a parent/teacher had to say about Project Day before the event.

Over to you now.




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4 thoughts on “Project Demonstration 2014-2015 feedback

  1. As always, it was a great project day at Shishuvan. The confidence level and the subject knowledge of the children, the involvement of Teachers, Support Staff and the parents – all was amazing.

    Great team work of the full Staff of Shishuvan and the students.

    Keep it up :-)

    (Parent – Std IV Shraddha)

  2. The topics for the project day of all the classes were age appropriate. The hard work and efforts put in by the students & staff was commendable. Shishuvan rocks…………….

  3. -this project day was amazing as always…
    -the efforts put by the teachers, students, support staff and every person part of shishuvan was gr8.
    -this was a great and one of the most best project days ever


  4. wonderful project day we truly salute the amount of hardwork everyone has put in!!!kudos to shishuvan!!!

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