STD V & VI Project Day Review-Personal Development

By Leraj Gadkar & Maria Jodiawalla-Clinical Psychologist & School Counsellor, Shishuvan School

The students of V & VI presented Bullying and Peer Pressure as a part of their Personal Development (PD class). It all began with the topic being introduced by the counsellors in their respective classes.

STD V student’s learned about bullying through group discussions and worked on questions like what is bullying, different types of bullying, how does the bully, why does an individual bully and ways to deal with bullying. The students created creative displays, which were reflective of their understanding on the topic. These were then put up on the Project Day to help increase awareness amongst the students and visitors about the same.

STD VI students learned about Peer Pressure by gauging a basic understanding about friendship, the importance of having friends and how friends can at times be a negative influence on an individual. This was then taken ahead and the topic of Peer Pressure was introduced to the students. The students learned about the different types of Peer Pressure and also identified how these pressures are a part of their daily interactions with their friends. The students also reflected on how they feel about Peer Pressure and generated ways to deal with it.

In this process the fact that “if each individual makes a conscious effort not to bully or pressurise their friends one can bring an end to this vicious circle” was reinforced. Students identified how each one of them is the creator as well as the victim in this cycle.

This was the idea presented by the students on the Project Day to their peers as well the visitors.  The students created beautiful displays reflective of these ideas and also generated an Anti-Bullying Pledge that would be taken by the visitors on the day of the event. Their aim was to take the visitors through the entire journey just like they had done in class. On the day of the event the students would explain to the visitors what bullying and peer pressure was. The visitors would then reflect on any life incident where they remembered being bullied or pressurised by their peers. They were asked to think ways in which they dealt with it, and if the sought any support from their parents about the same. To generalise this learning, parents in particular were asked to list down ways in which they can help their children when they are confronted with similar situations. The visitors would take the ‘Anti-Bullying Pledge’ just like the students had, and promise to bring an end to this cycle. Last but not the least they were presented with a badge that was reflective of the fact that they had taken the ‘Anti-Bullying Pledge’.

Students experiences as stated by them:

“My experience of the PD stall during Project Day was very nice. I learnt about Peer Pressure and Bullying in detail. We have been taught about Peer Pressure by Maria and bullying by Leraj. In the practise sessions we enjoyed a lot. First we finished all our work and then we were given some time to ourselves by our teachers. Everything was equally divided amongst us and everyone cooperated well. We even helped the STD VIII students to do their work. We were happy that many parents came to our stall, finished the whole process and even took the anti-bullying pledge.”

Naman Sheth,VI Shraddha


“The Project Day was very exciting. Whatever we learnt in class, the process helped us gain a better understanding about the same. Parents understood everything properly and answered the questions well. I liked that the parents did not bored and I was one of the members who made the anti-bullying pledge. Everything went well, we were well prepared and there was no problem in the process as well as execution.”

Drashti Dedhia,STD VI Shraddha


“In the Project Day we prepared well and therefore we could explain without seeing the original paper. The parents were happy listening to us and they understood what we said. Some of the parents were interested; however few did not pay attention while we were talking. I enjoyed making the flyers for parents to come to our stall.”

Anaghaa Balamurugan,STD V Karma


“My experience all over of the Project Day was good. We had a lot of funs making our displays and charts. On the Project Day everyone executed their parts very well and I think they were well prepared. I enjoyed being on the stall and interacting with the visitors. We did a lot of team work, we also got to learn different things like peer pressure”.

Purva Khare,STD V Karma 

Maria Lehraj PD V VI12 Maria Lehraj PD V VI11 Maria Lehraj PD V VI10 Maria Lehraj PD V VI9 Maria Lehraj PD V VI8 Maria Lehraj PD V VI7 Maria Lehraj PD V VI6 Maria Lehraj PD V VI5 Maria Lehraj PD V VI4 Maria Lehraj PD V VI3 Maria Lehraj PD V VI2 Maria Lehraj PD V VI1

Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE)

– P.D. Std. 7 Project Day

- Lamia Bagasrawala, Clinical Psychologist, Shishuvan School

Students of Std. 7 presented their ideas, learnings and views on Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) as part of the P.D. stall on the Project Day. Students created informative displays including charts and visual representations of different concepts. They explained the concept of CSE and its components. The theme for the Project Day was ‘Systems’ and students effectively explained the different kinds of systems – biological, socio-cultural, emotional, cognitive and behavioral – and the transactions between them that influence the process of studying and understanding sexuality. Students then presented visitors with a quiz on basic concepts of sexuality with a focus on ideas related to Puberty. Visitors enthusiastically responded to the quiz and on successful completion received a Certificate of Graduation in CSE Level 1. They then proceeded to the next section where students had created beautiful displays and informative charts to begin a conversation around sexual harassment. Students introduced the visitors to the concept and also provided them with a list of possible ways of reporting it and addressing it. The students attempted to create awareness about one of the existing social concerns. Visitors also mentioned their views on CSE and Sexual Harassment on charts that were presented in the stalls and provided their valuable feedback! Students received brilliant feedback on their knowledge, ability to present and the topics addressed. Here’s a look at the team involved and a few snapshots into the two days of learning, change-making and fun! J


Shishuvan wants to know…

- The P.D. Debate on Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE)

Students of Std. 7 have been engaging in a module on Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) over the last few months as part of their Personality Development (PD) classes. The initial few sessions of the class were marked by student apprehensions and discussions around the purpose of such learning. Students reviewed articles and blogs as well as penned down individual reflections in their personal P.D. journals. The discussions were facilitated by me and with the help of individual feedback, classroom activities and videos we engaged with our thoughts and ideas in a safe, healthy space. While this process prepared them for the module and for further classes on CSE, students decided to bring forth these apprehensions and conflicting views in society to parents and others through a Debate on the Project Day. Students took up various character roles (lawyer, social activist and politician) and presented views about CSE in schools from their respective character’s perspective. The debate was a huge hit with a demand for extra shows on both days. Students presented complex views covering varied aspects – legal, social, political, psychological and biological – of development and presented a strong case for CSE in schools. Parents, visitors and students in the audience were attentive throughout the debate and asked interesting questions to the speakers. Here’s presenting snapshots and the exclusive recording of the debate on the Facebook page !

Debate41 Debate40 Debate39 Debate38 Debate37 Debate36 Debate35 Debate34 Debate33 Debate32 Debate31 Debate30 Debate29 Debate28 Debate27 Debate26 Debate25 Debate24 Debate23 Debate22 Debate21 Debate20 Debate19 Debate18 Debate17 Debate16 Debate15 Debate14 Debate13 Debate12 Debate11 Debate10 Debate9 Debate8 Debate7 Debate6 Debate5 Debate4 Debate3 Debate2 Debate1

Which Value do you Value?

- Lamia Bagasrawala, Clinical Psychologist, Shishuvan School

The Project Days at Shishuvan are a wonderful presentation of all the classroom processes and practices over the last few months. As part of the Personal Development (P.D.) classes, students of class 7 – Neeti engaged in reflective discussions and activities around the theme ‘Values’. Students created journals at the beginning of the semester wherein they recorded their classroom activities, processes and reflections regularly. Students challenged the idea of ‘values in life’ and the need to inculcate these in practical ways instead of only preaching them. They discussed the difficulties encountered in upholding values across all situations and also identified and reflected upon values that are most significant to them. They shared instances from their personal lives when they have striven to follow certain values and also times when they found it difficult to do so. As part of a group activity, students created riddles about different values and finally identified eight core values important for their class. In line with the Project Day theme of ‘Systems’, students created a ‘Value System’ identifying different values relevant in different spheres of life. Students then engaged actively in creating games and activities to present these classroom processes and ideas to visitors and other students on the Project Day. Students created a quiz on different values which they associated with different animated-movie characters (such as Harry Potter, Nemo, Dory, Willy Wonka, Chutki, etc.) and cartoon-characters as well as charts for visual display and a classroom model enlisting the Process chart of all the tasks and activities done so far. Students managed the stall all by themselves, explaining the process, the eight values, the Values System, administering the quiz, calculating the responses and thanking the visitors with a Badge and Bookmark mentioning the value that they scored highest on the quiz. Students received brilliant feedback for their activity and presentation! Congratulations to them!  Here’s a sneak peek into our stall on the Project Day…


PD 7 Neeti1 PD 7 Neeti14 PD 7 Neeti13 PD 7 Neeti12 PD 7 Neeti11 PD 7 Neeti10 PD 7 Neeti9 PD 7 Neeti8 PD 7 Neeti7 PD 7 Neeti6 PD 7 Neeti5  PD 7 Neeti3PD 7 Neeti4

12th August 2016 : Librarians’ Day – Cum – Seminar

Shishuvan Invites

Shishuvan celebrates Librarians Day in honour of great Indian Librarian Padmashree Prof.  Dr S.R.Ranganathans’ 124th Birth Anniversary , by hosting a

“Seminar on Excellence in School Education : Role of Libraries”

on 12th August 2016 (forenoon, 9.00 am to 11.30am).

Event Highlights

  •                    Different perspectives on                                                                                                                  Excellence in School Education                                                                  vis-à-vis

                                                    School Library Service                                                                                       would be elicited by way of a four pronged presentations by Students, Teachers, Parents and Librarians. The presenters representing the above four would focus on their  role in the process of achievement of Excellence in School Education.

  • Focus of all presentations would invariably  be on Best Practices.
  • Prof.Coomi Vevaina (Professor of English – Mumbai University) a renowned  Educationist and author of much acclaimed book, “What Children Really Want” would grace the occasion by delivering a lecture on the topic.
  • Shishuvan Reading Programme
  • Seminar Resolutions


It would be an unique occasion for all Students, Teachers, Parents and Librarians to participate in the event to get know the nuances of Achieving Excellence in School Education – Vis-à-vis Role of Libraries. Functional and State of Art Libraries are backbones of vibrant and successful schooling. ‘School Libraries globally are envisioned as a force for the enhancement and improvement of Teaching and Learning through out the School community for Educators as well as for Students (IFLA/UNESCO School Library Manifesto, 1999).

Who should participate?

Students, Teachers, Parents , Librarians and any person  who has genuine interest in School Education and Libraries.

No Participation fee.

Registration on ‘First Come First Served’ basis for 50 participants’.

To participate, register online  by clicking on the link given below :


Those who are interested  to speak/make presentations on the seminar theme may get in touch with the organizers.


Organizing Secretary – Rajashekhar Devarai, Chief Librarian          Organizing Committee Member -  Jamila Merchant, Librarian  

    Shishuvan English Medium School,                                                                                                                                       426, Shraddhand Road, Kings Circle, Matunga Central, Mumbai – 400019, ; ; ; ;    Tel : 022-24044063/64 ; Extension Numbers : 135, 136 and 118 ; mob 7738071618 ; 9969946792



-Maria Jodiawalla

(M.A. Clinical Psychology, University of Mumbai)

School Counsellor, Shishuvan School


On the 14 th and 15 th of July 2016 the Parents of Nursery grade attended a workshop titled

‘Importance of Establishing a Daily Routine for my child’. The workshop emphasized on the needs to establish a consistent routine for the child to stimulate child’s growth and development. It also emphasized the needs to develop a routine that serves the need of the child than the other family members. The importance of physical play and motivating the child to become independent in daily activities was also reinforced through this workshop.

Let’s see how did all of this happen?

The workshop began with a Taboo. Yes parents were stimulated cognitively through the game Taboo!! The rules of the games were explained and let me tell you parent’s performance on this was satisfactory ;) Parents would often say the taboo word or run out of time! However the game served its purpose and laid the foundation for further discussion.

Then parents were divided into groups and were asked to brain storm on various questions that were related to their child’s routine, their efforts to schedule it, lack of routine and various deviations in a routine. Each group presented their work and came up with interesting pointers for discussions. Parents would share personal experiences as well as strategies they do that work with their children and help them devise a routine for their child. This was an interesting learning experience for a lot of parents and some said that they would love to try it themselves. It also served as an eye opener for parents on how they were missing out important details in their child’s daily schedule. Having a rationale for the various activities that children are exposed to was also an important point of discussion.

After this elaborate discussion parents were given real life scenarios and were asked to apply these strategies to it. Their responses reflected their take back from the workshop and their zest to implement these learning’s with their children.The workshop helped to enhance rapport with parents and their participation made it a fruitful process. Not only did the parents take away from this workshop but also contributed to my learning process through their honest sharing and active participation.

20160715_095014 20160715_095004 20160714_102638 20160714_102615 20160714_102600

Struggle of Galileo – Book Review



by Palak Bham (V Dhyaan, Shishuvan)


‘Galileo Galilei’ authored by Malti Bansal is a book about how the scientist Galileo struggled to become a scientist. According to me the best part  of the book is when  the author describes about how Galileo started researching about planets and became successful.  I liked this part because after doing so much hard work he had become successful.  Galileo later identified /  introduced the 4 largest moons of Jupiter. This book is very inspirational and I now truly believe, ‘Try Try Till You Succeed!’ I would like to read many of the books published under the Series, ‘Meet the Glorious Scientists’ (under which this book is published) and recommend to my friends to read.


book review palak bham

Online Conference on “Library as Classroom”

– A Brief Report


It was indeed a unique and first of its kind experience for me to participate in the Online Conference on “LIBRARY AS CLASSROOM” held on 16th June 2016.  The event was Organized by The Learning Revolution Project, sponsored and supported by School of Information (San Jose State University) and Follet. The whole exercise of registering for the conference to attending of the conference (12.30 am to 3.30 am) was educative and useful.  This format of Online Conference was hosted on the platform Blackboard Collaborate.  And now that the session and PPTs are accessible by any one at

I attended the sessions of M Elena Lopez, Jessamyn West, Briyan Kennedy, Patricia Sohmer, Sally Pweharangi and Sean Casserly.  As the Conference progressed questions by participants were answered by presenters and others.  Library As Classroom is going to bring in / invite whole new set of guidelines, thinking and practices.  It is going to impact on the way libraries look like and conduct their day today businesses.

library as classroom

Details of the Conference:

  • Title : Library as Classroom
  • Date : 16th June 2016
  • Venue : United States
  • Time : 12.30 am to 3.30 am
  • Conference Platform : Blackboard Collaborate
  • Organizer : The Learning Revolution Project

It is time for Teachers and Librarians to attend such online Conferences to update their knowledge and skills on a regular basis, without ever reaching the conference venue (physical). What else could be more satisfying than attending an international conference by being at your home. Future seems to be unimaginable and unpredictable as to how contemporary Education would be conceived and delivered to the desired stake holders.

Rajashekhar Devarai

Chief Librarian, Shishuvan



We bonded, expressed and shared…

- Lamia Bagasrawala, School Psychologist, Shishuvan School


As part of the Personality Development (PD) Classes in the academic year 2015-16, students of Std. V- Neeti explored different concepts that were aimed at addressing their immediate and long-term needs. This being their first year in Shishuvan and the Boarding facility, the initial P.D. classes focused on addressing the students’ experiences of change and exploring emotions and attitudes towards the new systems and structures. This was achieved through a series of classes, use of audio-visual aids, a detailed reflection on the movie ‘Who moved my Cheese?’ and a number of group, pair and individual activities. Thereafter a series of sessions focused on exploring the concept of safety and the different kinds of touch. These sessions were followed by exploring the understanding of internal and external motivation. As part of the Math Fest, students engaged in group activities to initiate a discussion on Motivation for Math which was then linked to motivation in all other aspects of life. This process was facilitated by reflections on the movie ‘The Lego Story’ followed by individual activities that required students to create their own motivational statements and creating an imaginary story of their inventions. When students were asked to share their memories, learnings and reflections on all the P.D. classes this year, they came up with some interesting narratives. Here’s a look at some of them and a peek into our journey this year in P.D.!

“In the P.D. class we enjoyed all the things,

We discussed about our family and people,

We discussed about Motivation, Managing Change and Touch,

We did charts on Change and played many games.

We saw movies like ‘Who moved my Cheese?” and ‘The Lego Story’,

And we learnt about the types of touch,

We learnt about private parts,

And importance of listening,

We also discussed about Tricky people.

We did innovative and creative writing

And we made our new inventions

That’s all! We enjoyed in the P.D. class.

Lamia told us many things

She gave us messages like –

To motivate people, To keep a smile on our face every time

To not be sad and

Make sure our words are not bad!”

-          Neel Rambhiya., V-Neeti

“When I went to school

When I went to school

I heard of a secret class

Its name was P.D. class.

I liked it very much

My experience was

That I learnt many things

The topics which I liked were-

Managing Change, Motivation and Types of Touch-

And many many more!

In Types of touch I learnt that

There are many types of touch – loving touch, hurtful touch, accidental touch, uncomfortable touch, etc.

I liked the movie ‘The Lego Story’

Because it gave many many learnings

His inventions were very creative

I learned to be creative and hard-working!

P.D. Class is fun to attend

You will also like it

And you will day ‘What an amazing class!’

And never be sad ad be happy!”

-          Divya Savla, V- Neeti



 “I remember the things I did in P.D. and I will tell you about them

I saw a movie named ‘The Lego Story’

We saw it and enjoyed it,

We learnt a message that “we should always try”

This message will help me in the future in my work when I grow up

This was the best topic for me!

When I think about it, I feel nice

It was amazing because it taught me a lesson.”

-          Rishabh Dedhia, V- Neeti


“Hey hey hey hip hop

I have heard there was a class

Its name was P.D. Class, P.D. Class

We saw many movies like

‘Who moved my cheese?’ and ‘The Lego Story’

But we watched many more short films

I learnt many things from my P.D. class

Like motivation, safety of private parts, etc.

It was very helpful to me and others.

I learnt many things from P.D. Class

Like taking motivation from other classes

So I am confident that I can do anything…

I will love my P.D. class for ever, ever, ever and ever! “

-          J.K, V-Neeti

We bonded, expressed and shared…7 We bonded, expressed and shared…6 We bonded, expressed and shared…5 We bonded, expressed and shared…4 We bonded, expressed and shared…3 We bonded, expressed and shared…2 We bonded, expressed and shared…1


Hello Mr.Shakespeare – An Evening in Nehru Centre

-Rajashekhar, Chief Librarian, Shishuvan School.


Hello Mr.Shakespeare 1

Even after 400 years of his death this mans influence doe not seem to be diminishing by any count.  Was he an elitist, school, well read, highly educated or a genius? How is it that the mankind continues to relish his thoughts and writings.  What is the secret.?  This is the legacy of this great man who could not  live over 52 years. It was altogether a different break for me to listen to Dr.Coomi S . Vevaina yesterday evening at Nehru Centre Worli.

Shakespeare seems to be her life breath through her thoughts, writings and deliberations.  Let us see how popular Shakespeare remains 400 years after his death.  A simple Google search was done and the results are interesting and as follows ;

Keywords Number of results

13 00 00 000

Shakespeare (book search)

24 90 000

Shakespeare (video search)

11 00 000

Shakespeare (News Search)

1 94 000

Shakespeare in India (general search)

2 56 00 000


1 31 00 00 000


It is just amazing! The popularity of this man never seem to diminish.  Did he ever realise and imagine that is and his writings would turn out into several libraries, a phenomenon, a wave, an ever expanding school of thought, after 400 years after his death? Perhaps no.  He was a simple unassuming scholar, down to earth, wrote and played for common man of his times. What if he did not know he was a genius, a rare genius! Dr.Coomi’s stock on Shakespeare titled, ‘Hello Shakespeare was rich in contents, thought provoking and sensitising. She was emphatic on Shakespeare’s deep understanding of human psyche and                        social / divine affairs.

Hello Mr.Shakespeare   Ms Coomi

At the outset Dr.Coomi seemed to be excited to talk and interact. She was full of life and enthusiasm.  She was so proud to pronounce that Shakespeare continues to be more popular in Mexico and India than in his home land UK.  So engrossing was her engagement that I could not stop remembering best of my English teachers at my schools and colleges where I studied (Prof Mumbai, MB Biradar, Shalini Edith and Hanmanth Rao Masther). I wish and hope to listen to her talks often in future.

Thank you Ms.Donna Reen and Ms.Arati Desai for the kind invite to attend the event.

Event detail :

  • Interactive talk on Shakespeare titled, “Hello Mr.Shakespeare’ by Coomi S Venaina
  • Time : 4.30pm
  • Date : 21st April 2016
  • Venue : Nehru Centre (Discovery of India Building)

References :