• Ninjal Savla

    ‘Education is what remains even after school.’ Appositely, Shishuvan provides a perfect amalgam of academics and co-curricular activities. There is no dearth of avenues to explore one’s potential and enhance one’s capabilities. All the students participate in all the events. Over the years, participating in Annual Days, Sports Days, Project Days and Fair, has developed skills that assist me even today in my presentations, group projects and on-field assignments. At Shishuvan, I have had the opportunity to explore a plethora of activities: music, dance, art, cooking, pottery, gardening, I have experienced it all. Shishuvan has given me the stimuli to be creative and to think out of the box, a proficiency, which is essential in today’s constantly ameliorating world. Shishuvan, bestowing students with both roots and wings, prepares them for life and not merely to succeed in exams.

    Ninjal Savla, Alumni

    I have been part of Shishuvan, since my daughter Hetali started her playschool here in 2004, till she passed out Std X at the top of her class in 2017. We as a family love the philosophy of Shishuvan that 'Every Student Counts' and I would like to add that every parent counts too. Our journey with Shishuvan has been full of unique experiences and new learnings in the form of various forums and workshops, fairs and field trips, project days and annual days. Over the years, the support and guidance of our wonderful teachers have played an important role in moulding my child for the future. We are proud to be associated with Shishuvan.

    MEETA MEHTA, Parent