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Our food - Healthy choices we make in our daily routines - Interaction with Dentist

Few pointers covered by the dentist are as below. The main gateway from where food enters your body is ....Mouth So you need to keep it clean and healthy by using natural and man-made cleaners. Saltwater, turmeric water, curd, etc. Making healthy choices while selecting food. Students came up with interesting questions and got solutions from the dentist. Overall an enriching session.


Earth Day celebration by std 4

Grade 4 students celebrated Earth day in the online class and as a follow up activity they drew the outline of their hand and wrote any one thing that they would pledge to do to save earth. One child even took the initiative to share a poem on Earth day...


Earth day Celebration Std 3

Students of std 3 celebrated Earth Day in the online class. They prepared such posters and shared in the class


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  • Jul 23

    Gurupournima Celebration - Virtual meet and celebration with teachers

  • Jul 26

    Workshop For Nur, Jr KG , Sr KG Parents

  • Jul 24

    Guru Pournima - Motivational Talk by Dr Gnanvatsal Swami at 11am

  • Jul 16

    PTM 21-22 from 16th to 19th